"Skimming news reports, some optimists may think they’ll soon be able to send their existing Kobo, Apple, or Nook books to Kindles since those other brands use ePub. But in many cases will still get in the way..." Read the full article: from @Teleread

@endDRM @fsf Google Play and Apple Books both allow you to upload epubs without DRM. I think Amazon had to do this as there are more sources for #DRM-free epubs. Is this an “embrace extend extinguish” ploy or a realization that #DRM sucks? Probably both lol

@seano @endDRM @fsf Google Play is a nonfree software where you are restricted by DRM to modify study and run the program how you wish. Even have a backdoor to install nonfree software in your phone to attack your freedom to have the control of your own computing.

@isharefreedom @endDRM @fsf Well, I can read nonDRM epubs in a Google play webpage, which eliminates the necessity of installing software.

I can also read epubs in emacs too. Which is pretty neat, tbh.

Hi @endDRM and @fsf and thanks for spreading the news of things that are #DefectiveByDesign.

Maybe this is a question more for DBD than FSF; do you have a formal stance on the widespread removal of specifically BluRay drives from computers, from both a disk-reading and writing perspective?

What are the long term impacts of removing cheap, reliable, sharable physical disk media from #computing?

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