"Deals" on Kindles may seem attractive, but don't forget Amazon is one of the most devoted peddlers of DRM. We prefer books we can loan to our friends, free of restriction and prying eyes.

Personally I am not opposed to DRM, if they want to lock their product down and not sell it because they've made it too much a pain in the ass to view, that's fine with me, there is plenty of non-DRM material available and frankly it's been my experience that most superior artists publish independently anyway, they don't need the big promotions because their art promotes itself.

@endDRM [image alt text] screenshot of the website linked in the posting account's profile description.

@endDRM i dont have friends to lend books to though
even if i did why would i lend them the books

Record transcriptions for them. Then they will hear you :blobcat3c:


You shall say theft straight away. Would make it easier.

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