How are you celebrating the tonight? We recommend settling down and starting the weekend off right with some media from the Guide to DRM-free Living:

Thanks for using your reviews to educate others on Disney+'s use of DRM! (And thanks to the person who sent us this screenshot, too!)

Happy ! We've seen some great starts already in our action against Disney+. Check out the IDAD site to see how you can get involved:

The is upon us! Challenge yourself to go a Day without DRM by following our Guide, and boycotting those services and publishers that restrict their users' freedom.

In preparation for Friday's , learn about how DRM on streaming services is the "ultimate antifeature."

We're gearing up for the on Friday, and have already heard from some folks who've gotten a head-start on our action against . Join us for the 15th annual IDAD!

The is almost here. Take a stand against Disney+ with us next Friday, December 10!

Our community planning meeting for this year's International Day Against DRM (IDAD) starts in just under an hour at 14:00 EST in's channel. If you can't make it, we'll see you on Dec. 10 for the !

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