"hearing a lot from different devs that PS4 saves won't work on PS5. Xbox Series X seems to bring your old save files with you.

Sony may have the exclusives now, but for me, there's a lot of value knowing that my Fable 2 save from Xbox 360 will still work on Xbox Series X"



Roland Barthes had written l'Empire des signes The Empire of Signs. #japan
I wait, not without a certain impatience, for an author to write The Empire of Numbers as a (desperate?) attempt to analyze what we do not understand.
#Statistics #Numbers #Meaning
#Sens #Nombres #COVID19

@curtis "Just make your own money processing service, bro!"

Capitalism, which is destroying life on this planet is now the religious orthodoxy of the Johnson-Cummings government.

Education is now heresy, as it gives way to indoctrination. twitter.com/wikileaks/status/1

**Extrême gauche contre extrême droite : aux Etats-Unis, une élection présidentielle marquée par la montée des violences**

"Aiguillonnés par la proximité du scrutin, les deux camps sont de plus en plus bruyants. Une situation inédite depuis 1968, et agg…"


#actualité #bot

Wish we knew the truth about this pandemic panic and how much of it is justifiable and how much of it is just fucking societal hypochondriasis.

It is with terrible pleasure when a child is content to marvel at a smartphone explosion that barely works

Just saw a photo of my very short, disabled friend in Minsk, Belarus being hauled off by military men with face coverings and no name badges on Instagram. I'm...not sure how to react.

I'm deeply upset as well because my hobby community seems to only care because she's dressed in the same thing we all wear as this is happening. :|

Been keeping up with the protests in Belarus this whole time and it sickens me that others only care because she's being hauled off in a frilly dress. :|

I really hope she's ok, honestly I could tell they were handling her roughly and I'm very upset.

Time is up, the answer to yesterday's was. "teach the controversy"


I remember posting some of these and someone said I was promoting post-truth, idc still funny 😂

uspol, activism/volunteering in general 

@MariaHill @mcmoots When I used to live on Long Island (which is heavily Republican), they sent a voter registration card in the mail once, and the party choice box was already checked off as "Republican." Why send it if they're going to make the choice for you?

covid, politics, oh boy 

If this hits the news cycle, could become quite the story...


Chinese Virologist Says She Has Scientific Proof That COVID-19 Was Made In A Chinese Govt Lab At Wuhan

The epicentre of the pandemic, Wuhan, happens to be the global epicentre of bat coronavirus research


This is not a joke. 

It's just some funny stuff on the internet.

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