is an AGPLv3 licensed frontend with all the features of the default site -- but more importantly -- it returns all of the freedom that Twitter's nonfree JavaScript takes away from you. Try it out!


Yes. The problem with twitter is the javascript. What an insightful post to put on the fediverse.

@fsf Why are you even talking about twitter? It's garbage all around.

@fsf Very alarming that you're *actively promoting* a non-free network service like this. What happened to the FSF that seasoned every passing mention to Twitter with a disclaimer?

Do you know if Tweetdeck have also non-free Javascript working in its interface?
I have used Nitter but, is not a problem that is not possible to publish anything from your account? You can only watch what is published by other people, maybe even yourself, but you can't share anything.

@fsf totes les features? Jo vaig mirar si podies fer loggin i no m'ho va semblar pas🤔

@fsf hi ! It's a fantastic tool, the dev is looking for work - any chance in a "fellowship"? Or at least promoting his need for some financial contributions ?

#nitter #niterizeme #nojs #privacy #gnugpl #fsf

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