Courts have been forcing people to defend themselves from eviction on proprietary videoconferencing platforms. We should not accept opaque, proprietary software as infrastructure for our democracy. Read more:

@fsf I can't even.

What next, we need open source cars because buying Fords and Chevrolets is a state-sponsored endorsement of Ford and GM?

How about this: Don't use the regrettable COVID-19 pandemic and the the necessity to provide access for justice to promote your cause. If you were a commercial company you would be roundly condemned as tone-deaf.

The pandemic required extraordinary measures so the justice system doesn't grind to a halt. That more important that your free software ideals.

@gedvondur @fsf Except that the FSF is a non-profit seeking to defend users' freedoms, so there's no use in making that comparison.

Time of crisis are often used to compromise on ideals. The freedom of users is an ethical issue, and it would be wrong of the FSF not to speak out against such issues. Ethical concerns do not take a break because of a pandemic.

The justice system would not have ground to a halt if they chose to use free software.

@mikegerwitz @fsf

So exactly WHAT free software are you talking about that would have magically saved the day? I admit, I'm not an expert in the collaboration market, but I'm not aware of software that can do what Zoom or Webex does that is free.

And if there is free software available, was it ready to go and already scaled?

If the answer is 'no' then yes, the justice system would have ground to a halt.

I take exception with FSF being pissy over emergency measures.

@mikegerwitz @fsf Plus, being non-profit and having a good cause (which I actually do believe) doesn't make it okay for them to use a pandemic to promote their ideals.

A much better tack to have taken was to acknowledge the unhappy short-term need and then recommend how to fix it with free software. Not just bitch that it shouldn't have happened in the first place. That cow has already left the barn, so how can we do better going forward?

@gedvondur @fsf You and I have interpreted the tone of the FSF's message differently. I do see this message as a statement of how we need to move forward.

The pandemic has not changed their message, which has been very consistent over the years. The pandemic _has_ made the use of non-free videoconferencing software a more frequent occurrence.

I also suspect that the cost of setting up government-hosted libre videoconferencing would be a drop in the bucket of the mass of legal expenses.

@fsf instead they should be forced to plead to keep their roof over a free and libre videoconferencing system like jitsi 🙃

I'm immediately suspicious of any "our democracy". What's wrong with actually democracy? Stop serving it up with mayo and fucking parsley and shit.
@fsf @garbados

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