The 12 doesn't come with a power adapter -- and neither does it come with freedom. We recommend you choose to empower yourself, your friends, and family, rather than stay trapped in Apple's walled garden.

@fsf You should concern more the lack of privacy of Android. Between using an Standard Android or iOS... probably iOS is a better option if you don't care to spend more than 1000$. But if you buy an older iphone then price is less...

So what exactly are good options?
Because the lack of privacy on Android is screaming, and it's not exactly open source either.

@ghil @fsf CalyxOS, GlassROM, or Graphene OS on a Pixel or OnePlus phone. Any custom rom on most phones if verified boot isn't a concern.

As much as Apple makes great hardware the apps you get on iOS is completely under their control. No 3rd party stores like F-Droid.

Even if I get an iPhone as a device for secure, private communication and tomorrow they are ordered to take down for example, Signal from the store, then you're screwed. You never own the $999 phone.

@polarhive @fsf

Okay but most ROMs void most warranties.

Pinephone is nice, but not quite primetime ready.

I'm not saying Apple is a good option. I'm just saying that the FSF's statement is a bit disingenuous when no platform currently available in the mainstream is an option.

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