Update on Freenode staff's takeover of and channels, and our transition to

@fsf #FSF's rationale for switching to ignores FSF's own criteria for the decision & comes down to essentially "As we have had nearly twenty years of positive experiences with the Freenode staff". Yet violates FSF's own criteria. *forces* people to run #nonfreesoftware, & b/c tor users must 1st reg. outside tor, anonymity is not respected.

@fsf this should be embarrassing for #FSF. uses #Microsoft & #Cloudflare to host their website and web-IRC gateway, and CF forces some to run non-free javascript. Note that the #Freenode web-IRC gateway does not impose non-free #CAPTCHA software.

@fsf after FSF made the profoundly poor decision to move to, hot-headed #freenode admins made asses of themselves by kicking FSF ops out of #FSF on freenode. So it's somewhat understandable that FSF would be reluctant to return to freenode at this point.

@bojkotiMalbona @fsf So if I want to attend the #FSF Directory meeting on Friday using a web browser, I must execute non-free javascript as a precondition? That's so fucked up. #hypocrisy noted.

@batalanto @bojkotiMalbona @fsf

Who uses IRC with a web browser? From signing up to chatting everything can be done with a IRC client.

@redstarfish @fsf @batalanto If no one uses a browser, why even have the gateway? Of course the web-irc gateway gets used. In particular, the IRC network forces registration for Tor access to happen outside of Tor -- a problem the gateway wouldn't have. I'm sure there are other reasons ppl use the gateway.

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