Watch video from 2021: go beyond “learning to code” with the Tech Learning Collective: See all LP21 videos on PeerTube at!

"The Tech Learning Collective is an apprenticeship- based technology school for radical organizers. Founded and operated exclusively by radical queer and femme technologists, they offer unparalleled free, by-donation, and low-cost computer classes on topics ranging from fundamental computer literacy to computer hacking techniques.

In this talk, they describe their holistic approach to IT education, which is creating communities of activist sysadmins out of people who wouldn’t otherwise have called themselves “techies,” opening the world of free computing to people who will apply its advantages to their other liberatory goals."

>pushes for ideological activism
>claims to have "free culture" as one of its main goals
Yeah, no. They're really trying their best to bring useless bickering to the free software scene, aren't they?
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