Apple's postponed their surveillance system for now, but no matter what changes they make, we anticipate it falling short of what their users truly deserve: freedom to control every program running on their iPhones and other devices.

@fsf The price of software, internet freedom should not come at the expense of children and young people facing abuse and exploitation. Neither should it give regimes the power to spy on it's users and abuse software that is designed to protect the most vulnerable in our society. The internet community needs to address these issues and it will require hard choices but we need to decide who is in control, GAFAM, governments or should all users have the power and control.

@fsf ¡Ay amigos, que aún no están en la libertad del software;
por favor tomen conciencia, ¡que no te digan como utilizar tu máquina!.
¡Toma las riendas de tu computación y utiliza Software Libre!

@fsf Its always either because of "think of the children" or "defending against terrorism".

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