We're excited to announce JShelter as the next step in our campaign. JShelter is a browser extension that helps curtail and limit the harmful effects of nonfree JS on the web.

@isharefreedom @fsf According to the link it augments LibreJS, etc. Ensuring that when you do have to enable a script, you can reduce how much harm it can do.

@alcinnz @fsf if you use librejs it is not necessary this new, librejs rejects by default all the proprietary software of javascript.

@isharefreedom @fsf Yes, JShelter will not be necessary if you never configure any exceptions to LibreJS.

Unfortunately far too many have to make such exceptions in order to use the services they're expected/required to. So...

@alcinnz @fsf I recommend making exceptions only with free software, such as peertube and mastodon.

@isharefreedom @fsf That would be ideal! Unfortunately not practical for everyone, which is why JShelter exists.

Though I personally I go further & say every site that *relies* on JavaScript has sinned. Even when appropriately licensed, those can be difficult to fork & keep up-to-date.

@isharefreedom @alcinnz @fsf Software can both respect your freedom and be malicious. Or malware could slap on a license tag that LibreJS recognizes, even if it's false, so that the code runs.

@fsf Thank you very much for #JShelter, it also makes my browser way faster. Internet like it's 2009 🙂

@fsf Recomiendo utilizar LibreJS y JShelter, ambas pueden trabajar juntas

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