isn't just an annoyance -- it's a violation of your right to use the items you own as you see fit. Learn more about our Defective by Design campaign at, and follow our campaign account at @endDRM

@fsf @endDRM Just curious, but is there an alternative solution that helps both copyright owners and users? Because, I think we can all agree that there is a need for a system, so that people can't simply pirate any content, because that harms both sides of course.

@animyosfox @fsf @endDRM i think there are. but instead of finding solutions that a) actually worked and b) respected people's computing the industries focused on destroying that idea of freedom respecting computing

it's just not how any of this works: as soon as you digitize your (art-)work and distribute it over the internet you kinda just give it away. remember: digital copies cost nothing but sunken cost.

@fsf @endDRM nice video

def based

about 4/5 cringe

still not 100% sure what stealing autonomous cars has to do with netflix, but cool

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