"Why we all need ethical technology and Web hosting" by Micky Metts and other members of Agaric will be starting soon in the Jupiter room. Check this talk out and more via:

@fsf OK, this strong but I note older black woman’s Agaric Web Technology Collective blog is maybe 90% hard core tech, mostly on Drupal, and perhaps 10% social justice but in the context of using technology to address their grievances (OK, one article whinged about not enough Lyft rides on a primary day, they should learn about GOTV).

I get the impression that unless they were part of the Larry Garfield purge they’ve more useful than you’d guess, assuming that purge and all its fallout isn’t making it an unviable CMS.

Hah! The only mention of Garfield in the page or archived talk pages is his being a co-author of a 2010 book.

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