Does anyone have any ideas for how to better "Help others find their reason to support free software?" (The theme of our spring fundraiser, which ends EOD today.)

Or, are there any campaigns the FSF is currently doing that you think do a good job of "helping others find their reason to use/support free software?"

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@fsf Another reason I just remembered for that is predatory licensing. There is a giant vocal outcry online over Adobe and the hated "yearly licensing" fees replacing buying a copy of it and being done with it, or Oracle's infamous audits.

Oracle's so bad with licensing that it wiped out their inherited SPARC/Solaris business and forced people onto non Oracle JDKs.

@fsf Point at macos or windows abuses of user privacy, trust, and wallet.

@theavidhorizon @fsf They have been doing that for a while[1] but it would be a good idea to put that on the front page.


@fsf There are lots of enthusiasts who like to customize their systems down to the core which only free software can do efficiently.

But the thing is they are most likely already using GNU/Linux and so campaigning to them is not really worthwhile

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