Lenovo is reported to have implemented a nasty design that only boots into Windows, making it impossible to boot or install GNU/Linux. Of the change, researcher and Free Software Award recipient Matthew Garrett says there seems to be no security benefits to this change. Read the full article at:

@fsf Last year I found out that you can't install Linux on a Lenovo Ideapad 3.

@keith @fsf To be more clear: I wasn't able to install Trisquel.

@fsf And this is why I pretty much always disable secure boot.

If that would be the only nastiness that comes from Lenovo...

@fsf this would have been mitigated by just disabling SecureBoot, right?

i have no reason to keep it on and it's the first setting i change whenever i get a computer

@neXtTech @fsf
Yeah this only applies if secure boot is on. That post is a bit misleading.
@neXtTech @fsf
I'm not sure what the big deal is. I assume anyone who knows how to install an OS will also know how to change UEFI settings.

@fsf What's with the link to what to be a poor quality bot-written/stolen article?

@NichoBI @fsf I agree, very bad link.
It should point to the source instead, either or in turn which also makes it clear that it's the default settings, but can be changes to allow Linux distros to be installed.

@fsf I'm perturbed by windows in its entirety. It's malware. It also seems to me that they want to push people to eventually reside completely on some kind of cloud architecture. Maybe they'll call it skynet.


And naturally M$ doesn't do a damn thing. You know, because they " open source!"

@fsf @vfrmedia There is some interesting stuff in this article but it’s very poorly written and chock full of ads. Is there a more reliable source?

@fsf @vfrmedia It feels like The FSF are purposefully linking to a version of the article without more recent updates saying configuration changes to install Linux are completely supported (if a little awkward).

Fuck Lenovo, then.

I guess they want to be the next controllfreak company like apple.

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