Lenovo is reported to have implemented a nasty design that only boots into Windows, making it impossible to boot or install GNU/Linux. Of the change, researcher Matthew G. says there seems to be no security benefits to this change. Read more:

@fsf I vaguely remember having read an article a little while ago that MS approached Lenovo to do exactly this. So now it has become true – and we all can see how much MS loves Linux and open source.

Anyone surprised? Not me.

Ah, and here's the article I remembered:

"The fact that Linux systems do not boot on Lenovo computers is probably due to Microsoft's conditions."

@fsf quoting the original article by Matthew Garret (

"Starting in 2022 for Secured-core PCs it is a Microsoft requirement for the 3rd Party Certificate to be disabled by default."

@fsf phew..this is so stupid..i was hoping to get a z13 (with the vegan leather cover) and show off running Linux on it..may be it's going to take more time to figure out on how to disable this behaviour.

@fsf A used Lenovo ThinkCentre was my first Linux machine, and I still use a ThinkPad T440p. Sad to see Lenovo do this.

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