Nathan Freitas's (@n8fr8) wide-ranging and inspiring keynote was the perfect way to close this year's . And it gave us a lot to read! Thank you to everyone who helped make this great night possible.

2021 is coming to an end, and we’re so grateful for all of your support and participation. Thank you so much for supporting the FSF and the movement for free software!

It’s almost time for the 2021 closing keynote! At 17:30 in the Jupiter room, Nathan Freitas @n8fr8 will reflect on his experience empowering people through free mobile software:

In the Neptune room at 2021 at 16:35, please welcome the Tech Learning Collective, who will explain how they take IT training far beyond just “learning to code”:

Also starting at 16:35 at 2021, Free Software Award winner, software engineering student Clarissa Borges @lborgesclarissa explains why usability is so crucial to free software adoption:

At 15:40 in 2021, Neptune room, discover how “Libre designers do exist (and survive)” with Maria Leandro:

Also starting at 2021 at 15:40, free software programmer Martin Owens @realdoctormo @doctormo encourages you to “Empower users by asking them for money” in the Saturn room:

Next at 2021 at 15:40, FSF founder Richard Stallman (RMS) will deliver the talk “Unjust computing clamps down,” in the Jupiter room:

And also starting at 14:45 at 2021, in the Neptune room, Wm. Salt Hale with “Making dollars and sense of free software funding’s future.”

Also starting at 14:45 at 2021, “An information theoretic model of privacy and security metrics” with Bill Budington @eff @legind @legind:

Next at 2021 at 14:45: join Amanda Sopkin @amandasopkin to learn about “Labor movements and the free software community”:

Congratulations to the winners of the Free Software Awards: CiviCRM, Bradley Kuhn, and Alyssa Rosenzweig!

attendees: go on a LibreAdventure! Visit the interactive conference space through the Registered Access link on, choose an avatar, and chat with other attendees via video and voice.

Or, at 2021 at 13:50, join Paul Roberts @securepairs for his talk “A dispatch from the front lines of right to repair” :

For a great intro to useful free software programs, join us at 13:50 in the Saturn room for “Here's how you can get all your day-to-day computing done with free software” with 11-year-old Alice Monsen:

Thanks to our volunteer Sebastian, you can view the LibrePlanet schedule in your favorite calendar app! Open your favorite and fire it up at

Starting at 13:50, Katheryn Sutter, PhD will be giving the talk “Informal chatter to formal decisions: How-to” in the Jupiter room at 2021:

Day one of the conference was a success, connecting viewers from over 32 countries and offering a rousing call to action for a freer future:

At 12:55, join Walter Bender @sugar_labs, Martín Abente Lahaye, and Juan Pablo Ugarte in 2021 Neptune room to learn about “Ingestum: A FOSS NLP document ingestion library”:

Next 2021 session starts at 12:55, with Conor Schaefer @FreedomofPress @FreedomofPress in the Jupiter room, introducing the SecureDrop Workstation:

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