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attendees: go on a LibreAdventure! Visit the interactive conference space through the Registered Access link on, choose an avatar, and chat with other attendees via video and voice.

Or, at 2021 at 13:50, join Paul Roberts @securepairs for his talk “A dispatch from the front lines of right to repair” :

For a great intro to useful free software programs, join us at 13:50 in the Saturn room for “Here's how you can get all your day-to-day computing done with free software” with 11-year-old Alice Monsen:

Thanks to our volunteer Sebastian, you can view the LibrePlanet schedule in your favorite calendar app! Open your favorite and fire it up at

Starting at 13:50, Katheryn Sutter, PhD will be giving the talk “Informal chatter to formal decisions: How-to” in the Jupiter room at 2021:

Day one of the conference was a success, connecting viewers from over 32 countries and offering a rousing call to action for a freer future:

At 12:55, join Walter Bender @sugar_labs, Martín Abente Lahaye, and Juan Pablo Ugarte in 2021 Neptune room to learn about “Ingestum: A FOSS NLP document ingestion library”:

Next 2021 session starts at 12:55, with Conor Schaefer @FreedomofPress @FreedomofPress in the Jupiter room, introducing the SecureDrop Workstation:

Coming up at 2021 at 12:00 in the Jupiter room, don’t miss Nadya Peek’s @nadyapeek keynote speech, “Machine agency: Infrastructure for creative automation”:

Also starting at 11:05 at 2021, in Neptune: Xianjun Jiao @jxjputaoshu on “Openwifi project: The dawn of the free/libre WiFi chip”:

Also starting at 2021 at 11:05: Matthias Kirschner @kirschner @kirschner from @fsfe @fsfe on “Public Money? Public Code!” in the Saturn room:

The next session of 2021 starts at 11:05 in the Jupiter room with Victoria Schuster, Dryden Wiebe & Vala Vakilian introducing “Plom: Paperless Open Marking”:

Thank you to Red Hat, Inc. @redhat for sponsoring 2021 at the benefactor level!

At 10:10 in the 2021 Neptune room, free software artist David Revoy @davidrevoy @davidrevoy will talk about how free software and art have the potential to free the imagination:

Or, in the 2021 Saturn room at 10:10, join Lori Nagel @Jastiv to learn about “User Respecting Software – free software development driven by users”:

Join us at 2021 at 10:10 for Max Mehl @mxmehl @mxmehl @fsfe @fsfe introducing “REUSE: Simple steps to declare your copyright and licenses”:

The LibrePlanet 2021 free software trivia quiz game is TODAY, Sunday, March 21st 14:45-15:30 EDT. Prizes include ebook gift certificates and libre Web hosting. To participate, you need to be registered at the Supporter level. Good luck!

2021 is online-only – but the Safe Space Policy still applies: If you feel that there has been a violation of the policy, please email or ping any IRC channel.

Day two of 2021 is about to begin, with a welcome address from FSF staff at 9:45 in the Jupiter room!

Day one of the conference was a success, connecting viewers from over 32 countries and offering a rousing call to action for a freer future:

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