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Need help with your submission for LibrePlanet 2022? Join us in the channel on for our first office hours session: 13:00-14:00 EDT!

LibrePlanet will return online in 2022 with the theme "Living Liberation." Submit your session exploring how to accelerate the integration of free software into our daily lives today!

Windows 11 continues 's long trend of mistreating users. Read why you're better off avoiding it:

The FSF turns 36 today! We're hard at work fighting for your freedom, so in the meantime, please check out our anniversary celebration from last year:

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Today is @fsf's birthday and what a greater gift than Facebook shutting down?

Live your life in plaintext! Org mode 9.5 has been released -- congratulations to the team!

We're excited to announce JShelter as the next step in our campaign. JShelter is a browser extension that helps curtail and limit the harmful effects of nonfree JS on the web.

You can register as a DMCA agent and hold onto your freedom! While we oppose the DMCA on many points, the "safe harbor" provisions help to ensure we can continue to share free software and documentation:

MediaGoblin 0.12.0 is here! The latest release continues the project's continuing mission to help you serve up media in freedom. MediaGoblin is one of our fiscally supported projects, and you can help support it:

While we're on the subject of free software birthdays: happy birthday to LibreOffice! It's one of the programs in regular use at the FSF.

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To inspire the younger generation to #softwarefreedom, the #FSFE is organising the coding competition ‘Youth Hacking 4 Freedom' (#YH4F) for teenagers. The winners receive a cash prize and a trip to #Brussels

Happy 38th anniversary to the GNnouncement that started it GNall: the announcement of the GNU operating system! Here's to 38 more years.

El Free Software Supporter está disponible en español. Para ver la versión en español haz click aqui:

The FSF is seeking a motivated and organized individual to be our full-time outreach and communications coordinator:

Software patents are still a real and present threat. Read campaigns team intern Panos Alevropoulos's post for our campaign:

Happy software freedom day! In some countries it is already underway, start your freedom day in Australia and follow it around the world!

Software freedom day is tomorrow with events happening all around the world! We're excited to see all the talks and community gatherings. Check out to see what is happening in your area!

Gnusocial update alert: work has started on a modern looking, consistent and accessible UI, with Non-JavaScript version as the primary focus. Read about the update to the eldest federated social media site here:

GNU Radio Conference 2021 (GRCON21) will be going ahead on Sept 20 - 24 with virtual and in-person events.

The threat of software patents persists está disponible en español. Para ver la versión en español haz click aqui:

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