The Member Forum is going down for an upgrade. It should be back online in 20-30 minutes. will be down for a moment for maintenance. and are going offline for maintenance.

Our network is back online after power cycling a faulty switch. Thanks for your patience.

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We're experiencing a networking issue with our main server stack. Most of our sites are offline, or unresponsive. Sorry for the inconvenience. : / We hope to resolve the issue soon.

The AC has been repaired, and our servers are running cool again. Our down KVM host is booted up, and all but a few non-critical vms are up and running.

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Status update: the AC units at our local data center were not working for a while, so one of our machines was overheating. Cooling may be back online now, or soon, but it will be a while until the temperature goes down again. Some of our network is offline, and we're working to bring up critical vms.

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Savannah is currently down due to an networking issue. Other virtual machines are currently down as well.

Some of our servers are currently down due to an unknown error. We are working on bringing them back up. Hopefully the issue will be resolved in a few minutes.

It may take another 20-30 minutes of work before the site is online. Thanks for your patience.

Show thread is going down for a software upgrade. This may take anywhere from 20 - 40 minutes.

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