The server reboot is complete, and virtual machines are coming back online.

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I'll be rebooting one of our servers in the next few minutes. Expect about 10 - 20 minutes of downtime for some of our services. is going down for an upgrade. It shouldn't affect the functioning of our other sites, and will be back soon.

We had degraded service for most of our sites due to a ceph issue for the last few hours. Everything should be working fine now.

The member forum will be going offline for a software upgrade.

Some of our machines are going down for a reboot. They should be back in about 10 minutes. is still offline at this time. We'll bring it back online by visiting the colocation facility, likely on Saturday. Sorry about the outage.

The FSF is experiencing a temporary network outage. We're still investigating the issue, but hope to be back online soon. is back online, but pages are being regenerated, so some pages may be broken for a while. I'll be working on this more on tomorrow / Wednesday if more work is needed.

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The Free Software Directory is going offline for a module upgrade. It should be back in a while. is going down for module upgrades. It should be back soon.

The cause of the GNU Mailman lists slowdown has been fixed, but it may take a few hours for mailman to process it's backlog.

We are having some slowdowns on our GNU Mailman lists. The cause is still being investigated but it is likely affecting some other services as well.

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