is offline. We're working on bringing it back. is currently offline. We're working on bringing it back.

We're getting reports of intermittent outages when connecting to our network across geographic regions. We suspect that this is due to the snow storm in Boston, and will keep an eye out for any further outages. If you aren't able to connect to our servers, try again in a few minutes to see if it works for you then. is currently offline. We're doing what we can to resolve the downtime. is currently offline, and we're working on bringing it back. will be going offline for a patch.

The FSF member forum will be down for about 20-30 minutes for a software upgrade.

Everything looks good from here. Let us know if you spot any issues. Thanks!

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Most of our services are now back online. We'll continue to keep an eye out for any issues.

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We're also experiencing a general network outage of many of our other systems. We're working to bring everything back online.

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The member jitsi server is down. It will be for a few hours.

Connectivity to our payment processor has been working since about 14:15 yesterday.

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