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Our SIP server is back online, and all physical lines are working.

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I'm shutting down our Asterisk SIP server for hardware maintenance. Downtime should be about 30 - 60 minutes. Phone calls to the FSF will be offline for that period of time. is going down for upgrade, I'm guessing 10-30 minutes is going down for a reboot. It should be back shortly. is going down for a reboot. It should be back in a few minutes.

It looks like we're experiencing a general site outage. We're investigating and hope to resolve the issue soon. has been back online for a while now. We're still looking into that server. is currently offline, due to a technical issue. It should be back online shortly. Thanks for your patience.,, and are back online.,, and will be going down for maintenance.

The FSF member forum will be down for about 10-20 minutes for a software upgrade. is experiencing technical difficulties. We expect it to be restored tomorrow

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