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our RT instance is currently offline, likely due to a widespread outage with our ISP.

FSF site logins via are currently not working, so we're working on fixing that issue. will go back down for maintenance this evening

The FSF member forum is back online. Thanks for your patience.

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The FSF member forum will be down for about 20-30 minutes for a software upgrade.

Our BigBlueButton server is back online. There may be some temporary outages as we work to fix one of its features.

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Our Big Blue Button server is down for maintenance. We hope to have it back online soon. is not fully functional for then next 10-30 minutes due to maintenance

Our systems are back online. We'll keep an eye on our SAS controller, and notify about any future maintenance that may be required.

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We're doing more maintenance work on the hardware that runs, so it will be offline for a while longer. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Show thread is going offline for server maintenance. it should be back in about a half hour.

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