Show newer is offline, and we're working on bringing it back.

RT was down for a moment and now the service is back.

Now restarting and for some updates. was down for almost 30 minutes. Everything is back to normal. and are going offline for maintenance.

The member Jitsi Meet instance is offline. We're working on bringing it back online.

The member forum will be offline for a couple minutes, and potentially at other times today, as part of our effort to get logins working again for that site.

Most of our sites are working with the new CAS server, but we're still working on getting the forum to work with the new server.

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The FSF CAS server will be offline for about 10-20 minutes while its service is migrated to a new vm.

We had about an hour of downtime on some of our sites. Sites should be coming back to normal shortly.

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