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SolYNaranjaS will play 22 of August, Málaga, The Hall
Vamos a tocar en vivo por fin!

SolYNaranjaS will play 22 of August, Málaga, The Hall
Vamos a tocar en vivo por fin!

SolYNaranjaS también participa en un festival online - polandrockfestival - tocamos junt@s ! We play together / Wir spielen zusammen / Gramy razem!

Examine your luck and win a fender guitar - click like and write down why should be yours

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Je vais prendre le temps de tester cette borne d'arcade DIY pendant la pause ce midi 🕹️

Here we are - SolYNaranjaS - best rock funky hard band from Málaga city powered by Dcada BIO fair trade Colombian non alcoholic drink

Dcada is already here!
Tomorrow we will taste this Colombian brand new BIO fair trade fruity non alcohol drink - it is totally "virgin" in European market! SolYNaranjaS band has a pleasure to be one of the first.

¡Verano esta yaaa!
Para hacer una buena música (o un buen código) se necesita un refresco! Rock-Funky-Hard Band SolYNaranjaS acabo a pedir para una prueba 36 botellas del refresco dcadaco (
- fabricado en Colombia ! y claro ya lo sabeís cual sabor - de los mejores NaranjaS!

Haskell for a New Decade with Stephen Diehl

Thanks for Berlin FP group - especially to Steven Syrek

Today :: Strongly Typed System F in GHC
by Stephanie Weirich

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New service 🎉 is a supercharged file-sharing application which lets you share files instantly, fully anonymously and direct.

The service knows very little about you - the names of your files, your IP and well, that's it. If you send over a file it won't get saved somewhere on the server but instead will be streamed from your local machine directly to your peer.

It's up to you to test and share!

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ZuriHac is the biggest Haskell Hackathon in the world - a completely free, is TODAY!!!!!

What is super cool that the Discord instance will serve as a digital hub for that online event!

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