Let's see the bigger picture and understood how this kind of stuff has been performed almost 40 years ago ....

For Eddie Van Halen who has just pass away ... We love you for ever Eddie !

It is good to know a little history even if it`s about another language. The same common idea|paradigme is there.
98 -> 2020

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Finally! Foot-1.5.0 has been released 🎉

Lots of new configuration options and bug fixes. Some of the major changes and additions are:

* Config moved from .config/footrc to .config/foot/foot.ini
* Scrollback position indicator
* Fully configurable mouse bindings
* Configurable key bindings for scrollback search
* Configurable selection colors
* Optional support for double-width PUAs (aka support for Nerd Fonts, Powerline etc)

#FootTerminal #Wayland #TerminalEmulator #Terminal

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Este sábado 26 de septiembre será la edición de A Coruña de , otro gran evento de difusión sobre .

También será online y podéis ver su programa en flisol2020acoruna.gitlab.io/#h

Ni una semana sin un evento de la filosofía de compartir conocimiento.


A little about FP in C++


Thanks Func Prog Sweden meetup 's for sharing it - so here you are - have a good listening and enjoy :)

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SolYNaranjaS will play 22 of August, Málaga, The Hall
Vamos a tocar en vivo por fin!

SolYNaranjaS también participa en un festival online - polandrockfestival - tocamos junt@s ! We play together / Wir spielen zusammen / Gramy razem!

Examine your luck and win a fender guitar - click like and write down why should be yours


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Je vais prendre le temps de tester cette borne d'arcade DIY pendant la pause ce midi 🕹️

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