What do you call giving 3.14 stars to something? Pirating.

dall-e is an impressive technological marvel, but DID YOU KNOW: for a nominal fee, you can hire unfathomably talented artists living in poverty to render any and all of your invasive thoughts NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Cawthorn's team issued a statement that "We welcome the opportunity to prove that [Cawthorn] committed no wrongdoing and that he was falsely accused by partisan adversaries for political gain."

Three days later, Cawthorn's belated filings showed he had violated the STOCK Act.

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Creating a new post with #ComposeUI6 is much better, a whole new experience that's optimized for desktop & mobile browsers with many new settings and features.

Shipping soon! #pixelfed #composeUI

"Stomach hurts for a little bit too long" should be a get out of work free card every single time

HDR triptych of the three main phases of the lunar eclipse.

Nikon D750 on a 6" f/4 TPO Newtonian

Starting a new week and a new post with daily drawings. Here's an in-progress look at today's #inkyDays drawing.

#generativeart #ink #drawing #art #WorkinProgress #dailydrawing

@ADHDefy Before I started TILvids, I was just a creator who wanted to get away from YouTube. I looked around, and pretty much found the same experience you did, which was really a shame because #PeerTube deserves better than that.

So, I started my own instance, with a dedicated focus on edutainment content. It's a ton of work, but I enjoy doing it and being able to contribute to the #decentralization movement. I hope tilvids.com can be a good example of the potential for the PeerTube ecosystem!

inprnt.com/gallery/devseliapri I'm running a bit low on funds atm :da_sweat: so I'm selling some of my art on INPRNT!
From now to the 18th, Use promo code QF6TLKR to get 15% off!

Boosts and support would mean a lot, thank you. If you buy one, I hope you enjoy some purdy art on your wall, or even a phone case :artpeek: ! #art #prints

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