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old man yelling at patented cloud 

i hate software patents but honestly i don't think my complaint is with the software part

like, if your objection is "software is math, math can't be patented"

then like "physical objects are physics, physics is math, math can't be patented"

so what *can* you patent?

maybe patents are just inherently a social trade-off, and my objections are about who benefits and who is harmed?

anyway i don't care to argue patents. i'm just old man yelling at cloud.

Artist : Swedish artist Johan Karlgren aka #PappasParlor - (Pappas Pärlor)
in #boras (Borås), Sweden 🇸🇪 #art #mural #streetart #mastoart #spongebob

Hey, if you are new here, and need a (temporary?) avatar, I updated my page with all my generators: cats, birds, fenestars and abstracts, have fun!


Hello and welcome to all the new artists who joined the Fediverse in the past few days!
If you are a woman and want me to share your art, you may tell me so! You may also want to tag your creations with the hashtag #WomensArt to make it easier for others to find them.

Hey! If anyone here on the fediverse likes #aceattorney , I'm part of a tarot deck whose preorders just opened up. Please share if you know anyone who would like one! We're only selling 350 copies and already are over 100 sales in our first day.

Big cartel for US orders:

Gform for UK orders:

#creativetoots #mastoart #tarot #illustrarion #fanart #videogames


I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of ass

I do love reading the Federated timeline, it's so very strange, thanks to all of you. 🙂

Amazing #jellyfish! I don’t know the name.. but I would say RainbowJellies or something :blobcatgiggle: :nyancat_rainbow:

I want to meet new artists here, so... How about a good old artshare? 🎨✨

Feel free to:
⭐ Post your work (all artforms welcome)
⭐ Recommend someone else
⭐ Boost this
⭐ Leave nice comments on other people's posts!

No need to do *all* of these, of course, just have fun! Here's some of my stuff:

MyPaint is a Free and Open Source art software that focuses on distraction-free digital painting, with lots of keyboard shortcuts and a minimalist expanding canvas. It's great for sketching, but I've also seen some truly beautiful professional works done with it!

It's available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X :D

Check it out, and please share your #MyPaintArt creations!


NSFW comic of Geralt & Jaskier from The Witcher 

Remember this scene in The #Witcher season 2? I do. I remember it 😌✨
#beefcake #nsfw #sketch #comic #geraskier

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