GNU Hackers' Meeting 2022 will take place in İzmir, Turkey, on Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October 2022.

coming very soon: MNT Reform Camera. Open Hardware, USB-C 3.0, standard video class device, fixed focus (adjustable), up to 2592x1944 resolution.

(photos show 3d printed case, production version will be aluminum)

GitHub changed the way they parse for licenses today. It isn't just scanning one of the LICENSE,, and COPYING files anymore. It scans all of them and reports back. Example:

Verifying free software licenses, free software in education, the legendary Lemote Yeelong, and more! All in this season's Bulletin. Check out the announcement at:

The FSF is hiring! Please see the following page for information about the full-time licensing and compliance manager, full-time program manager, and part-time bookkeeper positions:

Find a bug in some package, annoyed, spend several hours fixing it, getting the fix upstream, finally done!... ok, now I would need to build/deploy/track upstream if I want this bug fix & security updates. Naw, I'm over it, my distro will get the fix in approximately 3 years.

Correction 1:30pm eastern! Having lived on the west coast for almost all my life, I'm used to seeing the opposite coast time zone and subtracting 3. I also sometimes get east/west reversed, automatically thinking inland = east, coast = west.

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You may have a unique opportunity to hear to oral arguments in USA federal court on a key legal issue re: #copyleft & the #GPL in our right-to-software-repair lawsuit against #Vizio. Mark your calendar for this Friday 2022-05-13 at 17:30 UTC. Read more:

There's a GPL court hearing listening party in on Friday at 7:30 am eastern. Setting my alarm now

I'll go first: My mom. My best friend.

Some who have opted out of this whole idea: Most of my coworkers, my significant other.

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echo "Is this real life?" | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n

Idea: list some people you would follow on the fediverse, but they are only on freedom hating verse. Also, maybe say hi to people who have opted out of this whole idea.

Free Software for /all/ users requires translation of user interface and documentation. FSF is hosting a LibrePlanet workshop about Computer Aided Translation with a focus on OmegaT, on May 2nd. Do some hands on learning by registering

The Free Software Foundation, a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) charity with a worldwide mission to protect computer user freedom, seeks a motivated Boston-based individual to be our full-time licensing and compliance manager.

Shoutout to a free software project: FAI - Fully Automatic Installation. All my bare-metal installs have been done via FAI for the last 4 years or so.

The FSF is hiring! Please see the following page for information about the Program Manager and part-time Bookkeeper positions.

Reddit post: "Hey look, this book was last checked our 41 years ago." * Look at picture of stamp in book with roughly my birthday on it * me: Wait, what? Ohhh, I'm old.

Selfie from speaker Amin Bandali, free/libre software activist and computing scientist, who gave a talk at this year's conference called "The Net beyond the web." Talks will be published on our PeerTube:

Selfie of Rubén Rodríguez, lead maintainer of FSF-endorsed GNU/Linux distribution , speaking at this year's before giving his talk "Hacking my brain". Videos will be published soon on

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