We at @conservancy filed suit as a purchaser of TVs to stand up for #copyleft. There was no source or offer for source even after we'd been working w/them for a long time on older products. Copyleft can help us take control of our tech in a meaningful way, it's a huge benefit to consumers.

We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #GPL. You can check out the complete materials here:

Today I listened to discussion of so-called ethical software licenses. They aren't ethical. Their main provisions are broad use restrictions. Programs serve multiple purposes, a text editor is similar to a pen, people will use it to write all sorts of things, no one should have the power to control what people write through a control of their pens. It's an unethical power, citing human rights does not justify it. gnu.org/philosophy/programs-mu. Free software licenses are the ethical licenses.

For anyone interested in listening to the UCLA panel on The Future of Open Source at the top of the hour, here's the dial-in info so you can also avoid using zoom :)

Ugh. I'm so frustrated to be continually asked to participate in talks & panels on Zoom specifically about tech ethics & #opensource. There are great #FOSS systems for this. See @fosdem's successful use of solely FOSS solutions for over 30,000 participants. #jitsi #BigBlueButton

I am all for meeting people where they are, but at this point, if you're an expert in these issues enough to be running a conference on these topics and still using Zoom you just aren't trying, and you are comfortable broadcasting that you don't really care.

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Interested in stewardship of the Creative Commons licenses and what that means? A draft with our values, commitments, and priorities is up for public comment. If you care about versioning, translation, participation, or many other areas, take a look:


Do you want to contribute to #FreeSoftware?

Sharing is very appreciated.

Trisquel GNU/Linux invites everyone to join its software development for its next release version. It is a FSF-certified operating system that empowers completely #libresoftware laptops shipping worldwide.

:gitlab: Coding: gitlab.trisquel.org
💬 Discussion: trisquel.info/en/forum

:gnu: :linux: :fsf: :trisquel: 🌹 🌻 🍀

#contribute #gnu #linux #trisquel

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Exactly ten years ago today on September 12 2011 Alexandre Oliva (the maintainer of Linux-libre) posted the announcement that my APT repository for Linux-libre was available, saying "Jason Self's Freesh apt repository carries binary .debs for 32- and 64-bit x86 systems, and support for more architectures is planned. Thanks!" It was named Freesh as the intention is to always serve up freshly-baked kernels that respect your freedom. It has since expanded to twelve supported CPU architectures.

The FSF is seeking a motivated and organized individual to be our full-time outreach and communications coordinator: u.fsf.org/3fx

Sourcehut allows you to build your own forge without GitHub or GitLab. sourcehut.org/

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The FSF is making a funded call for white papers to address Copilot, copyright, machine learning, and free software. Submit yours by Monday, August 23: u.fsf.org/3fi

ICYMI: We just had our August 2021 Community Update!

We announced the PineNote: a high-end e-ink device powered by the same SoC as the Quartz64.

We also went into detail on upcoming hardware and software updates for PinePhone, Pinebook Pro, and Pinetime.

Read now: pine64.org/2021/08/15/introduc

😡 NFT - I'm in total ideological conflict with the idea AND the technic.
Today I saw my art " Yin and Yang of world hunger" (license: CC non commercial/non derivative) on OpenSea platform posted by someone. What a shame. #nftart is open door to all type of scam...

#nft #capitalismenumérique #cryptoart #nfts #blockchain

Jami @jami_social @Jami is a free/libre and universal communication platform. Learn how it empowers users with Amin Bandali @b at 2021: u.fsf.org/3al Get registered: u.fsf.org/lp21-sp

Also at 14:45, in 2021 room Saturn: Alyssa Rosenzweig, free software graphics hacker and leader of Panfrost, asks, “Does your GPU work with free graphics drivers?”: u.fsf.org/3a2

After 18 years with the Free Software Foundation, I've decided to resign my position as executive director, effective at the end of a transition period. We'll be sharing further details, including information about that transition, and a few more words, in the coming days. It's been a humbling honor to serve this institution, and to work alongside the FSF's staff, members, and volunteers over the years. The current staff deserve your full confidence and support -- they certainly have mine.

Here is a 3min video speedpainting timelapse of an artwork I painted last September. I hope you'll like it!
Ptb: peertube.touhoppai.moe/videos/
Ytb: youtu.be/Di32TOT0B4Y
(no time this week for a full video tutorial, I'm finishing episode 34, yay!)
#krita #speedpainting

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