Apparently there are still a lot of people out there that don't understand that most #OpenSource and #CreativeCommons licenses require attribution where you give credit to the creators whose work you are reusing or building upon. Being a good digital citizen and doing this only helps grow the commons. Don't forget.

@downey The licenses, they are not open source, because they are not code.

And in terms of licenses used in Free Software, such as GNU GPL support user freedom. If you give credit or you're not bound to it.

Regarding CC licenses that include the attribution clause, in those if you are obliged to attribute credit.

I Recommend the use of the term Free Software and not open source, since the term open source, has no intention to promote the freedom of users, but only the good of the code.

@isharefreedom @downey

Sorry. The GNU group are hypocrites.

Although mostly good, FSF are about promoting themselves, at the consequence of user freedom.

So by technicality... You have it completely backwards. Communes are not anarchies. And communes are not about promoting individuality.


@jmw150 @downey I regret your little interest in the right of people to use free software and not to become slaves with digital shackles imposed by proprietary software. I hope you'll be fine.

I recommend you to investigate a little closer to why users have the right to free computer and not to be slaves.

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@isharefreedom Do not use that kind of language as a reply to my post. There is actual real human slavery going on in the planet. Software freedom is important, but it's only part of what we need to fix in this world.


@downey @jmw150
Please don't feel grieved by what I said, for the question of the previous boy, who blocked me had already done it in an interview with rms, and I only quoted his answer. there are those who have no interest in these relevant issues about taking control of their own lives. It is not a game, but I know many who prefer it for having comfort with proprietary software.
(im using translate software)

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