We are happy to celebrate seven years of open source with you! 😍🥳 We believe that open source, transparency and security go hand in hand. Check out what we've achieved so far and where we want to go.
tutanota.com/blog/posts/seven- #FOSS #opensource

@Tutanota It is curious that you talk about open code to talk about security and transparency, when the open source movement stays only under the standard of having a good code. When we talk about assessing human rights, respecting the freedom of users, their freedom of expression we cannot speak of open code, but of Free software, the software that respects the freedom of users and the community.

Free as in Freedom

It looks like their code is released under the GPL v3, which is about as "user freedom" as it gets: github.com/tutao/tutanota/blob

Is your problem that they're not using the right magic words? Let's not let "perfect" be the enemy of "good". Maybe "free software" is a better term, but actions speak louder than words.

I think supporting @Tutanota for releasing their software under the GPL does more for software freedom than criticising them for using the term "open source".

@carlozancanaro @Tutanota

I'm just highlighting that the term used does not involve the characteristics we defend, such as freedom of expression, the freedom to take control of your own life.

Sometimes you can help our movement by just saying "free software" that way you talk about freedom, and not just good code, like those of opensource

I'm saying it with the urge to help. I use tutanota.

free as in freedom

@isharefreedom In this instance we have a company that is upholding user freedom celebrating their continued existence, and you commented on that by criticising their use of "open source".

I agree that "free software" is a better concept than "open source", but I don't think this was the right moment to publicly criticise them about this. At the very least you could have said "congratulations" first!


@carlozancanaro I am in total disagreement, I have no interest in acknowledging the use of redundant terms that seek to discredit the freedom of users. To understand that to defend freedom, you must talk about freedom is a basic thing.

Free as in Freedom.

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