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Watching these signs slowly evolve at my grocery store — some employee is learning UI design in real time

Well at least we will not do night raids. Right? RIGHT?!
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I haven't played any horro games this October.

But that is over now. On Friday October 29, be prepared for the ultimate horror, spooking the life right out of me! 😵

😱 😱

At least I won't be alone. @jonathanmh_com and @fabsh will hold my hands. 🤝

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RT 🔒 (with permission):

"Ok so, I just read through all 173 pages of the unredacted Google antitrust filing and I have to say that either Google is screwed or society is screwed, we'll find out which.

Unordered list of fun things I learned:"

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Working on a new thing. Gulls are interfering.

What the fuck did I just see? "Secure GPS smartwatch for your child"

One could think he did it on purpose, report for toxic behavior!!!
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People playing know that you never shoot close to your companions without announcing yourself.

@jonathanmh_com should know this, even if we play another game like .

Alas. 🤷‍♀️

▶️ ◀️

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If you're wondering whether @Disney have stepped up and paid the royalties they owe to to authors, illustrators & comics artists for books & GNs they have published or relicensed, the answer's NO. (They've paid a few high-profile authors.)

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