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Today someone told me that String#split can NEVER return an empty array, which is wrong, but I can see how one might arrive at that conclusion. Every day I learn something worse about JavaScript

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Folks, if you know of anyone who would like to work with me on story things at Die Gute Fabrik - we have a current well-paid internship opening!

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Kubernetes is like the plot of TENET: the more you try and verbalise an explanation, the more it's painfully evident you don't understand it at all...

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Encountered my first Rosetta failure: the redis installed by homebrew crashes on launch.

This does not shock me; I’ve been surprised by how many things *do* run without a fuss.

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Github shows added text in green and deleted text in red. This is probably my fault. Those were the color choices I made when I hacked up gdiff, the first graphical diff/merge tool, late one night at SGI. Leaked into many tools since. Apologies to those with protanopia.

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This new drink is called quarantine coffee. It’s like normal coffee but it has whisky in it and also no coffee.

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More players are coming online as we resolve the issues reported with the Epic Games Store. Please ensure you fully close the Epic Games Launcher completely before you attempt to log in to see if this resolves your issue. We will continue working to resolve issues and update you.

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Greetings Commanders! 

Elite Dangerous will be free on the @EpicGames Store from 19 Nov to 26 Nov!  

Let your friends know and blaze your trails together! 


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I got pulled up by my direct manager yesterday for contravening some of our COVID safety rules. I fully admit that I did do that and will probably continue to do it every now and again because the specific rule is, quite frankly, inhumane.

I'd just like to point out that I am not alone @_halefa_. Radar charts rock! 🤘
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I think radar charts are the coolest chart

I'm just trying to do a really simple tutorial with AWS, but guess what, things have changed and now I need to learn all permissions required to create a key pair. Look. I just need to stick some images into ECR.

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Slack-a-mole (n): trying to catch up on Slack posts after a week off, while more keep popping up

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Not looking forward to MacOS Alcatraz where Apple begins the real vendor lock-in

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Jeg var lige ved ar falde ned af stolen da jeg slog de nyeste tal op.

Hold nu fast 0.7% af alle som angiver smittestop som årsag til tidsbestilling, var rent faktisk smittede.

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These @AputureLighting LEDs are crazy! Best light purchase of the year (so far)

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