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Satisfactory is also included in this, and unfortunately quotes from Jace.

Consider checking it out if you are not Jacephobic!

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Mozilla is closing down the team I'm on, so I am one of the many folks now wondering what the next gig will be. It's been a wild ride!

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Today we have an important announcement in regards to the release date of Bloodlines 2. 🦇

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Me: Thankfully I’m not at the studio, so I can’t recieve any more weird gifts.
@brittanyadesso: So I got you a thing.
Me: ...
The Thing She Got Me:

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"The JIRA team uses a post-it wall to organize JIRA development" is both terrifying and comforting news

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You expect it and yet still somehow it's worse than you imagined

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I got tired of keyboard shortcuts not working on non-english keys so I wrote a blogpost about, and I show how @Facebook does it wrong by debugging their code in production 😅 @SlackHQ has the same problem 👎 @github does it correct 👍

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When I started in tech, I thought all I had to learn was Linux, and how to type with both hands.

I was way off.

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Yesterday's stream certainly was one of the most chaotic streams I've had. It started with my drowning my keyboard in white wine. Cheers!

What is the most chaotic/embarassing you've done?

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Word of the day: ARBEJDSGLÆDE, the Danish word for enjoying one’s job (literally ‘work-happiness’).

So what you do is, you load up hot Henna and feed that into a pressure washer
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Shout-out to @jonathanmh_com for amazing hair-dying skills - all the color is because of him. ❤️

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What's a word in software don't like? For me it's "tuple", feels like it comes from another planet, for to be said from different lips. Maybe underwater. Tooooooopl.

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