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Jonathan M. Hethey

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What's on your mind right now? (feel free to boost)

PS: I stole this idea from this awesome person:

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Getting more and more confident in my pencil drawings which is kinda nice #mastoart #art

I’m collecting data about Web users who use page zoom and/or change their browser font size, to help make better accessibility decisions at work. Please fill out this survey and boost!

My wacom lives again, and by live I mean barely holding on.

Here's something quick I drew today #Mastoart #Art

- Tis But A Scratch!
Weren't sure what do draw so I ended up with another study #Mastoart #Art

computers are a fuck but that's no reason not to treat them nicely

they're just doing their best to do what their flawed and incentive-skewed creators told them to