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I'm in a video!
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I've barely played any platformers in my live, but on Friday I had to try out the first person action hack and slash platformer .

You want to know how I felt?
How fast I was?
How often I died?

The answers are all here:

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Escape the Talk Show 6 is out! @jonathanmh_com and myself talk about , Afghanistan and COVID conspiracy theories. Also, I get killed by God Himself. Have a listen, it's fun!

Escape the Talk Show 6: Wrath of God

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When @jonathanmh_com and I play games together, our different personalities really come through!

FINALLY I got around to the stream highlights. A thousand thank yous to @sdw_de and @fabsh for hanging out with me in the magical land of Tarkov:

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Apparently I am THAT bad at playing that chat is seriously worried for me and whether I will make it through the game.

If you want the disaster, come join me now on 🔴🔴

Bring patience! 🤷‍♀️

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Shorter OnlyFans: "We discovered that 99% of our revenue is porn and Visa and MasterCard decided they like the revenue"

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@stijnveilig @notshenetworks @Razer @RazerSupport This reminds me of an iconic Twitter exchange (regarding plaintext passwords)

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Met a CTO recently who did the right (but so hard) thing.

He walked into work and sent out an email:

“Today, we are deleting all jira tickets. Stop working. Please use this time for personal education. You have my full support”

Why?… (1/n)

I couldn't even speak. I legit thought you just trolled me like General Sam
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It was a pure survival response! I did not mean to do it! I swear!!! It's all @jonathanmh_com 's fault!

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Sooo, has pics of my boobs. During a discovery thing 3yr ago, legal forced me to hand-over all my texts. They refused to let me delete anything, even "fully personal," even when I said "by fully personal I mean nudes." They said they're in their "permanent evidence locker"

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I've been in this industry for over a decade, giving talks, wrting books and docs, making courses and workshops. But I've only been working "traditional" jobs for maybe four years! I am still learning a lot about how mig systems work, how to get things done with others

Shout-out to @Piranha_TTV who has videos on EVERY KEY, QUEST AND EXTRACT in this game ❤️

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