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Your email open trackers are creepy and you should feel bad if you think this is a good attempt to make a new business connection

pronouncing "PostgreSQL" as "Post Greyskull" from now on

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Live from the vertical farming experts at! We’re doing an IoT workshop with hardware generously sponsored by!

kurz mal durch unsere medien "geblättert"... liegt es nur an mir, oder ist der titel der NZZ irgendwie... anders?

Code was a hobby, so I presented at a user group for fun (I think they're called meetups now?) and someone offered me $50 an hour to do the exact thing I presented on 💰😎

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A year ago we were lucky to be part of this, show them some love!
PS: can you spot us in the video 👀?

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Played some on stream tonight, including my FML match against It was a lot of fun. Watch it on demand here:

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I'm doing the last 5% of the main story of right now on!

Or at least I hope I will. I saved the best for last: naval (conquest) battles. Which I suck at. Ooooh the salt! 🧂🧂🧂

Once the Danish groups joined their forces together to organize another awesome event!!! 💃💃💃

In Germany we don’t say „I want to spend the rest of my life with you“. We say „Die Steuerersparnisse sind nicht zu unterschätzen“ and I think that’s beautiful.

My husband was mentoring a kid who stole $200 worth of candy

Who steals $200 worth of candy?

He thought maybe he could sell candy after school to help his mom make rent. He was 11.

The difference between our empathy & judgment is always,

whether we know the story

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Feels of :
We don't know where we are.
We don't know how we got there.
But we are not alone.
And we certainly don't like it. 👀


Roses are red
Violets take shape
I always think of that booty
In this vast Hellscape

Ich hätte mir sehr gewünscht, dass Merz beim Thema Strafbarkeit von Vergewaltigung in der Ehe auf unserer Seite gewesen wäre. Übergriffe sind ein Zeichen der absoluten Missachtung fundamentaler Rechte von Frauen. In unserer offenen Gesellschaft zeigt man damit sein Gesicht.

If JavaScript libraries are proving costly, replace them with smaller alternatives. Lots of great options in &

On this day, in 1939, the mighty battleship Bismarck was launched in Hamburg, the rest is history! Our video for "Bismarck" just hit 20 millions views.
👉Watch it again >

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