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Half of the time we didn't know whether the bucks wanted to kill or fuck us or each other. 👀

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You have one week left to get Hunt with 45% off during our Steam sale!

Join the American Hunters Association and become a bounty hunter now!


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We're looking for a senior programmer to join the Satisfactory team here in Skövde! Smash dat apply button you think that is you! 🌟

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Ich musste mich tatsächlich erst scheiden lassen, um mich in Düsseldorf als Bürger anmelden zu können.


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- kostet Hundesteuer
- bellt oft
- Nachbar beschwert sich ständig
- teures Premiumfutter


- steuerfrei
- kichert sympathisch
- Nachbar wurde seit seiner ersten Beschwerde nicht mehr gesehen
- Nachbar wurde seit seiner ersten Beschwerde nicht mehr gesehen

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We were out and about in a kayak 🛶🌊🌅 with @ADotKoeh lately!

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Die Wohnung ist nicht „heilig“, ihr Deppen. Ihr Schutz ist im Grundgesetz verbrieft. Aus säkularen, historisch recht einfach nachvollziehbaren Gründen.

Ich verstehe wirklich nicht, was Religion mit verfassungsmäßigem Schutz vor einem Polizeistaat zu tun hat.

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Web Component and Lit element Workshop hosted by Kian from @tradeshift

Thank you Kian, Tommy and @tradeshift for this amazing workshop so relevant for our Web Developer students.

We hope to repeat and have more of these actions soon!

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As a dyslexic, I still remember my anxiety when our English teacher asked me to write “tomorrow” on the board in front of the entire class because I made a spelling mistake in an exam. It’s been 20+ years and I still remember.

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Second time out with the . Still feeling handicapped with the new camera, so this shot was accidentally taken with a shutter speed of 1/40 and 85mm at f1.4. Fucking IBIS! 🙌

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At @hackyourfuture our students conclude their education with a Final Project. It's aproject where the students get to build a real project.🧠👩‍💻

In the past we have built a podcast platform, a big data dashboard and many more.

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So @twitter ads on the TL fine, but on profile pages? Nope nope NOPE. And didn’t you try this in 2015 and people got mega upset by it? Guess what, its still bad!

If you find an ad on my page, unless specifically promoted by me, know its some bs. I hate this so much.

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