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🎁Giveaway Time!🎁

For every 100 RT this post gets we are giving away a game + the brand new 'The Beast Hunter' DLC keys! 😎

To enter make sure to follow our Twitter page, RT the post and tag a friend in the comments below! 👇

Winners will be selected next week!

Pretty genius to live stream your live performance in public. Respecting the hustle 😎

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The third episode of my podcast with @jonathanmh_com has just been released. We talk about the health benefits of video games, new features in Escape from Tarkov and nudity in German spas.

Escape the Talk Show 3: A Shower, Not a Grower

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Nade skills? On point tonight! Just @jonathanmh_com was in the way, the bastard...

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remember years ago when this popped up, and the students involved were like “oh it’s just a prototype”? STOP PROTOTYPING SHITTY FUTURES

Next thing twitter will slap the covid-19 info badge on that tweet! 😆
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Google is threatening to delete one of my podcast episodes because, they claim, I am spreading "medical misinformation" on COVID-19. This is ludicrous and easily disproved by actually LISTENING to the episode in question. I will fight this tooth and nail.

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Today we are live directly from the Space Championships in Orbital Landing.

Hosts @jonathanmh_com and @fabsh lead you through the matches making sure you are provided with necessary commentary and informaton!

▶️ ◀️

I'm the best team mate, always ready to lift people up!
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Have you considered playing but are too afraid to get started? 😉

Don't worry, I have the ultimate tip for you, that will help you through the steep learning curve of the game - guaranteed! 🤯

Turn 👏 on 👏 your 👏 engine!


I've tried this for days now and when the Fab comes along, spot, POP, look, yeeeeet!
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So @jonathanmh_com and me are drunk AF and he decides to go kill Killa for the first time... Well, waddaya know... he just does. Blam. Dead. Amazing shit. I was just along for the ride. His camera man.

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🎁Let's kick off the weekend with a HUGE Hunt Giveaway 🎁

Every 150 Retweets this post gets we are giving away a game & 3 DLCs of your choice! 😎

To enter make sure to follow us on Twitter and tag a friend in the comments below.

Winners will be chosen next week!

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If Google offered a VPN to "protect" you online, people would go apeshit about tracking and whatnot.

Apple introduces "private relay" which does not just "hide your IP online" but also "gives all your browsing info directly to Apple" and it's a huge privacy win.

Look mum! I'm on the internet again!
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I’ve started a new podcast and I think it’s pretty neat.

Talking Life, the Universe and Everything While under Enemy Fire

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Mandatory reading for developers, either as a guide or as a refresher. I love #4.

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