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Good morning Europe!
Here is a Copenhagen sunrise to bless your timeline.

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Word of the day: PANGLOSSIAN - excessively optimistic.

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We went swimming this morning!
I'm not a good swimmer, I hate freezing, and I'm not a morning person. So this is kinda a biggie.

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I am a 16-year-old part-time minimum wage worker and I pay more income taxes than the billionaire President of the United States

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How long does it usually take to write an email? Can people see when I use the coffee machine? How do I become a ghost to just hang around the office chit-chatting with my fellow dead co-workers?


RT @fat_thunder
Even after repeated views I am still snickering. Hahahahaha

RT @GegenWind_Photo
If you need a fallout, wasteland, desert or lagoon location, check out this baby! 😎☢️🏝️

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I'm now live with @jonathanmh_com on 🔴 🔴

The stream will be all around honking. Let's call it "Goose Dangerous".

We'll first start with some .
Then honking will carry on in .


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This is Kasey. Once a week he’s given an empty frozen peanut butter jar. Always takes it to a safe spot before licking it. 13/10 please enjoy

RT @JenMsft
If pokemon was written by programmers charmander would evolve into stringmander

RT @ghostinthecable

Me: "ok, fine":

RT @ItsChrisMilne
Foggy morning commute in @VisitCopenhagen yesterday morning 😍

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