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Modest COVID proposal: Every time a techie writes a Medium post modeling the epidemic, they must agree to let a random epidemiologist run their company for a month, as the skillsets are clearly perfectly transferrable.

Remember, you can disappear into the woods whenever you want. You’re an adult.

Finally 100 🎉

A thread on how – a mostly static React/Gatsby site – reached the perfect PageSpeed Insights score, and how you can do that as well ⬇

I'm having trouble concentrating on science animations right now, so instead here are some screenshots from my favourite document on the planet.

These are taken from a 'work in progress' document from Pepsi's 2008 rebrand. Every figure is as incomprehensible as this one. 1/23

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So und wer findet jetzt Kupfer-basiertes Netz und asymmetrische DSL-Anschlüsse immer noch akzeptabel? Gut. Können wir dann bitte mal überall ganz schnell Glasfaser in jedes Haus schmeissen? Zur Erinnerung: hat damals mit Kabelfernsehen auch problemlos geklappt. Geht also.

For my friends looking for game industry work in Copenhagen/Malmö - Jaime has made an incredible list of all studios with information on who is hiring for what.

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I'm now continuing the main story of on 🔴 🔴

It's time to move on - we're leaving Velen and are finally for the first time going to Skellinge! Ciri, daddy is coming!

We're going on an adventure, come and join!

For those of you who are new here, and for everyone who has been following along with the saga, let me present to you : The story of Napoleon, the wayward rooster, and Turkey Girl, his star-crossed lover. Part 1:

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Thanks to input from a lot of kind people, I’ve been able to put together a list of videos from 40+ web/dev/UX/design conferences.

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Ever wondered how the macOS installer does it’s job without you ever clicking install? Turns out they (ab)use preinstallation scripts, manually unpack the app using a bundled 7zip and install it to /Applications if the current user is in the admin group (no root needed).

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Soo. . Who else has crossed the complete map instinctively following the quest marker and not going for the custom marker as intended? And not noticed? You have, too, right? RIGHT?

My 5yo stormed out of my office when i told him i had to do a meeting. He was very mad that i couldn't look at his crafts like i did yesterday. I tried to explain that it was Monday and I had to work, and he yelled "Monday isn't real" on the way out. I'm still just sitting here.

Better Birdies:

🐦 More bird shaped
🐦 Only has outlines when sitting
🐦 Shuffle about more
🐦 Has reflections
🐦 Flowier flight

Hi babes,
Been forever, please stay safe ❤️
In other news I'm now the SoMe manager for a Danish, woman owned makeup company. We are still small, but I'm so excited to be a part of it. See me introduction on our insta @Noelebeauty ❤️🙏

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