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PS: I stole this idea from this awesome person:

@jonathanmh I was actually talking to a friend about mastodon and how decentralised social networks would work.

We were having a conversation about the way social networks are designed to form an echo-chamber of sorts. This is due to them showing related content that feeds into your own biases rather than show different viewpoints and how something like mastodon effectively eliminates that.

We also discussed how majority of the social apps today are designed to be used more frequently.

@abon That's interesting and also something I like about non-engagement focused networks. I personally don't feel very well understood by facebook, because I comment out of my filter bubble and then just get really crazy recommendations ^^

Thanks for letting me know!

I'm actually going to blog about my first week of mastodon, so I'm looking forward to hear what my network will say :D

@jonathanmh hope you have good experience. I'm not sure if you already know about them, but a combination of Tristan Harris [
] & Cal Newport [
] prompted me to think seriously about these things.

@abon The points they bring up are not new to me (disclaimer: I'm a developer, I work with social media) but the talks bring it to a really good point that everybody in my network will understand. Thank you for showing them to me! Finishing the second talk right now :D

@jonathanmh totally agree about making it understand to the people. I'm a ux designer and it feels like we could have a lot of change in the way products are designed and success measured.

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