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Last time @jonathanmh_com and I attempted to finish , it was a massacre - ours!

We're trying again now! 💪 Come and share the pain with us: 🔴 🔴

Arc 4 and underlevelled - this is fine!

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Do you need high quality news articles on highly technical topics written quickly in English or German? If you do, you can now hire me on Fiverr.

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✨Streaming into the new year!✨

@jonathanmh_com and I are now starting a first playthrough of - celebrate with us and shout cheers at midnight!

Watch both our streams here:

Your help website is garbage. Figure out your region locked bullshit without pissing off your customers.

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Money back claim incoming. I'm on a hotel wifi and even if I was on a VPN it's none of your fucking business. @PrimeVideo

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The winter holidays are approaching! On December 23, in honor of the upcoming year 2022, we are offering a 25% festive discount on all types of pre-order packages or upgrades, as well as on the entire range of merchandise from our official store!

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This chart is the best rationale for that I’ve seen.

There are 12 people, only 2 are deaf/blind.

Accessibility is about creating a highly usable product.

1682 raids this wipe and we got that Kappa container. Some streams were spent just hunting down that rarity of the @WillerZ4 wallet :D

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We remain forever obsessed with this image of a woman terrifying the devil himself with her pussy but did you know there's context? Who wants to hear the context for why the devil is so frightened by a vulva?

My taste in music is apparently SO OBSCURE to my partner that they loudly alerted me to, that they found somebody else who listens to an artist I like. Like... One person.

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Watching these signs slowly evolve at my grocery store — some employee is learning UI design in real time

Well at least we will not do night raids. Right? RIGHT?!
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I haven't played any horro games this October.

But that is over now. On Friday October 29, be prepared for the ultimate horror, spooking the life right out of me! 😵

😱 😱

At least I won't be alone. @jonathanmh_com and @fabsh will hold my hands. 🤝

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Working on a new thing. Gulls are interfering.

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