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Will we survive the daylight? 🍷

@jonathanmh_com and I are now live with our first impression of on 🩸twitch.tv/halefa🩸

As fitting thumbnails, take our Hallooween photos for @GegenWind_Photo - gosh, I miss my long hair now!

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About a month ago I (accidentally) disabled all Gmail signups while trying to prevent email address typos.

The quality of signups improved so much I just decided to make it permanent 💥

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No, this is not a bowl of cereal! It's actually a plant called Dinteranthus. It looks a lot like pebbles hence it's known as the pebble plant or living stones.

More fun YouTube stats, this simple trick...
I didn't do anything for this, it's just that a free to play game went into public availability after being offline and people watch the tutorials again. 🤷

Me: I'm gonna be semi professional and create good tutorials that actually help out people.

Also me: "Nice."

They're annoying on desktop, but a fun mobile experiment for my gaming channel! Need to try that on the photography one!

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So YouTube shorts (high format < 60 second) videos get A LOT of views, because they are promoted to a lot of people on mobile that are not followers already. Did not expect.

Witness the Fab shooting his first rogues! (To be fair I had to slow down the footage, otherwise I hadn't seen the kill either)
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WTF is Wacken? Scenic Tarkov #6 attempts to answer this question. We also have me looking for ages for a rogue I did in fact kill minutes earlier. Because I'm an idiot.


Me: I'm sure setting up a laptop with Linux in 2022
Me: ...

This is a true fact!
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Scenic Tarkov episode 5 is out! Apparently @jonathanmh_com managed to mutilate himself multiple times on the same finger. Which we talk about while getting killed on good ole Night Factory.


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Einfach nur zwei Tapire, die gebürstet werden

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what a coincidence, it's sending emails like this that makes me tune someone out regardless of their level of intelligence

respectfully yours,

The long awaited, way over budget, unpaid extras, diva directors cut is hitting the home cinemas today!
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When we could travel again, we visited Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic - and had a blast finding waterfalls, exploring magic forests, and yes: saying hi to all the cows! 🐮

Watch our video: youtu.be/AvDCy61FTz0


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