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Der höchste Berg Dänemarks ist niedriger als der niedrigste Punkt der .
🌲 10.000 neue Abonnenten 🌲
Weit über 10.000 neue Abonnenten durch unsere Geschenke-Aktion. Wirklich heftig. Ihr seid die Besten! Wir verpacken noch ein paar Tage eure Pakete.
... 1/3

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Note: The third story is not a joke, that actually happened

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In den neuen Bundesländern gibt es Kreise, in denen Frauen durchschnittlich mehr Geld verdienen als Männer.
🌿 Riesen Katapult-Aktion ist beendet.🌿
Katapult-Chef Fredrich sagt: "Solange hier Abos im Minuten-Takt kommen, weigere ich mich, ...


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What analogies would you use to describe how it feels to have ?

Could be a comic idea, poetry, or a longer explanation.

I use them in a lot in my art, but I’d love to hear directly from ❤️

(I’ll be sure to give credit if I use your analogy in a comic!)

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Twitch Drops arrived to the Bayou!

Earn exclusive Legendary Weapons and our unique Legendary Hunter "Bill Story" by linking your account and watching the participating broadcasters.

Link your accounts now at huntshowdown.com/twitchdrops using Steam, Xbox, or a PlayStation account.

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<A candle in the night>

Petrus Van Schendel (1806-1870) was a Dutch-Belgian genre painter in the Romantic style who specialized in nighttime scenes, lit by lamps or candles. This led to him being known as "Monsieur Chandelle".

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Zeit-Autoren kopieren gesamtes KATAPULT-Buch. Unser Chef rastet diesmal wirklich aus!

zur ganzen Geschichte ► katapult-magazin.de/de/artikel

Daher: KATAPULT-Verlagsgründung und ABOAKTION mit GESCHENKEN! ⬇️

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Going bounty hunting with @_halefa_ and @jonathanmh_com in tonight. We'll be live at 19:00 CEST.

Catch the stream via twitch.tv/foxtrotalfabravo

My snake is beautiful!
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Holiday feeling in space - brought to you by @jonathanmh_com!
(I'm the one in stalth mode. By comparison.)

Which song would blast through this anaconda, you think?


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Please, someone tell me you also got motion sick when playing . Without VR. I don't even want to imagine how it must be with VR.

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And this week, as part of the Steam Summer Festival, we'll be doing a rake of lil online events too! Join us at our Steam page most evenings this week @ 6pm CEST for chats, foley, quizzes & general shenanigans!

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Far over the Misty Mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day,
To seek our pale enchanted gold.

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