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Last time @jonathanmh_com and I attempted to finish , it was a massacre - ours!

We're trying again now! 💪 Come and share the pain with us: 🔴 🔴

Arc 4 and underlevelled - this is fine!

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The German language has quite a few animalistic verbs:

fuchsen ("to fox") - to annoy
hechten ("to pike") - to dive
reihern ("to heron") - to puke
dackeln ("to dachshund") - to walk slowly
aalen ("to eel") - to bask
vögeln ("to bird") - to have sex

Animaljoy our language!

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Do you need high quality news articles on highly technical topics written quickly in English or German? If you do, you can now hire me on Fiverr.

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✨Streaming into the new year!✨

@jonathanmh_com and I are now starting a first playthrough of - celebrate with us and shout cheers at midnight!

Watch both our streams here:

My favourite streamer is retouching photos of me, wet under a waterfall! 😱🥶🤘
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Just came to think of that I planned to come back from a 4-week stream break with a 12-hour stream tomorrow. 🤪

Going shopping now to buy all the snacks ...

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