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Being laid off is never great, but being laid off in a global crisis where you only stay in your stronghold is definitely a dramatic five stages of grief. At least for me, and it happened. Here's my not too glorious story: link.medium.com/D5qzNQZsp5 @WomenWhoCode@twitter.com

So what's good about Fortnite? You can easily get your better half hooked on PVP battle royale shooters! twitch.tv/videos/583002551

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Galago-Tag im @koelner_zoo@twitter.com 😍🙈😍

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Modest COVID proposal: Every time a techie writes a Medium post modeling the epidemic, they must agree to let a random epidemiologist run their company for a month, as the skillsets are clearly perfectly transferrable.

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Remember, you can disappear into the woods whenever you want. You’re an adult.

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Finally 100 🎉

A thread on how 3perf.com – a mostly static React/Gatsby site – reached the perfect PageSpeed Insights score, and how you can do that as well ⬇

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I'm having trouble concentrating on science animations right now, so instead here are some screenshots from my favourite document on the planet.

These are taken from a 'work in progress' document from Pepsi's 2008 rebrand. Every figure is as incomprehensible as this one. 1/23

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So und wer findet jetzt Kupfer-basiertes Netz und asymmetrische DSL-Anschlüsse immer noch akzeptabel? Gut. Können wir dann bitte mal überall ganz schnell Glasfaser in jedes Haus schmeissen? Zur Erinnerung: hat damals mit Kabelfernsehen auch problemlos geklappt. Geht also.

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For my friends looking for game industry work in Copenhagen/Malmö - Jaime has made an incredible list of all studios with information on who is hiring for what. twitter.com/AshEaria/status/12

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I'm now continuing the main story of on 🔴 twitch.tv/halefa 🔴

It's time to move on - we're leaving Velen and are finally for the first time going to Skellinge! Ciri, daddy is coming!

We're going on an adventure, come and join!

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For those of you who are new here, and for everyone who has been following along with the saga, let me present to you : The story of Napoleon, the wayward rooster, and Turkey Girl, his star-crossed lover. Part 1:

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