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Will we survive the daylight? 🍷

@jonathanmh_com and I are now live with our first impression of on 🩸twitch.tv/halefa🩸

As fitting thumbnails, take our Hallooween photos for @GegenWind_Photo - gosh, I miss my long hair now!

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Let me say this LOUDER. 👏

It’s okay to have one kid.
It’s okay to have more kids.
It’s okay to have no kids.

It’s not okay to not be in control of that choice.

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Have ADHD? Become a game producer!

- constant multitasking!
- no need to maintain focus because you're being pinged by 5 different people at any given time!
- illusion of control!
- others think you're organized!

A new star upon the CHAD sky, ascending from Timmy-ness and head eyesing her way to KAPPA
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The next week's will be variety streaming™ at its best. 🤪

Continuing and until hits. 🐾
@jonathanmh_com and I will try in coop mode - and at some point will wipe.

Keep track:

I'm more and more appreciative of sound lock and similar tools that caps max volumes of applications ❤️
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So far this is the least enjoyable pre-wipe event. Five hours of loud white noise (rain) plus the planes every five minutes just gave me a headache. Hopefully other wipe events this week that don't involve auditory torture. 🤞

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Any writers out there have any hot tips on best solutions for small-run self-publishing something ~80 pages that needs to be...
Like, silky pages, colour text, letterpress cover, etc.

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CTOs frantically googling nginx trying to figure out who hacked them

My brain 🧠: surely this is a compliment. Right? RIGHT?!
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I often feel @_halefa_ and I have the same plight playing games with @jonathanmh_com, who's perception just seems to work differently than that of mere mortals. This episode illustrates the problem quite well:


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About a month ago I (accidentally) disabled all Gmail signups while trying to prevent email address typos.

The quality of signups improved so much I just decided to make it permanent 💥

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The Linux team were waiting (and waiting and waiting) on window control assets that weren't Windows Vista-style; this was their way of politely reminding me. Except then it shipped. twitter.com/__apf__/status/153

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No, this is not a bowl of cereal! It's actually a plant called Dinteranthus. It looks a lot like pebbles hence it's known as the pebble plant or living stones.

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There is a special place in hell for developers who disable copy and paste in username and password fields.

More fun YouTube stats, this simple trick...
I didn't do anything for this, it's just that a free to play game went into public availability after being offline and people watch the tutorials again. 🤷

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"Here's my laptop - hold on, I'm not done yet. Let me just close this compartment and open up the back
... Here we go, the DSLR, the action cam and the drone ... Hold, need to access the next compartment, I'm very sorry ... 2 seconds .... Oh, my shoes as well?" twitter.com/Spiggy_Smalls/stat

I think insurance rewards beginners or less skilled players more than the pro players, it doesn't need too much work imho
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Am i the only one that wishes insurance would just get removed from Tarkov? rewards players for being ass but playing in big groups.

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