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Google has announced that it is cutting off access to the Sync and "other Google Exclusive" APIs from all builds except Google Chrome. This will make the Fedora Chromium build significantly less functional (along with every other distro packaged Chromium).

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Berlin (only!) is running a test (!) right now where teachers get an official email address.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future has arrived. Soon*, Germany will fully embrace the thing called "Internet"!

* In 5-10 years. twitter.com/janboehm/status/13

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We're not sure if @Adobe or @AMD have a better solution for this, but there's sure a lot of people watching our video and hoping for a fix 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ youtu.be/7wgVgaIOU0M

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Animals interrupting wildlife photographers. A thread:

1. 📸 Dan Dinu

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I'm inside vim and suddenly ESC key disappeared from touch bar. I'm literally stuck inside vim now.

Fuck you apple ❤️

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Tech Twitter categories:

- I hate the interview process
- I hate whiteboarding
- I just quit my job
- I just got a job
- 10 resources I just googled 5 min ago
- Introduce yourself
- <insert text> in JavaScript
- React.
- Who to follow
- React.

Am I missing anything?

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your fear of looking like a dummy is holding you back

you are a dummy

accept it

you learn more + it's more fun once you do

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Man føler sig super tryg ved at anmelde et overgreb hos Københavns politi efter man har læst disse kommentarer på LinkedIn ikke sandt?

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There is something interesting to say about Truth and the Post-Trump era but it's not that "we can get back to the Truth now".

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Kudos twitter! Banning Donald Trump permanently. All it took was...[checks notes]...his entire presidency. So brave! Very righteous! Much virtue! Wow

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If you feel bad today, just know that Nissan's Bitbucket Git server was hacked because they used:
- login: admin
- password: admin


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Hey, remember when Facebook bought WhatsApp and swore they wouldn’t do this? Surprise! twitter.com/wireduk/status/134

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hot tip of the day: do not spill your coffee all over yourself and the floor

it’s less effective that way

follow me for many such surprising pro tips!

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The founders of Netlify are Danish, and I thought it would be funny to learn the language to mess with them this year.

It’s the first New Years resolution I gave up on.

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The difference between the USA and a USB is one connects to devices and stores your data and the other is a hardware standard.

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