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Wenn potentielle Hochzeitskunden noch vor einem ersten Telefonat oder Treffen, bei dem man die gegenseitige Sympathie überprüfen könnte, direkt erstmal meinen Preis runterverhandeln wollen, knickt leider immer mein riesiger Künstler-Penis ein und ich will dann nicht mehr.

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Working on an episode about the crash. Currently trying to piece together from where the missiles were launched and how the plane subsequently crashed.

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My life. I never know lyrics. Of any song.

My brain:
🎶 Toss a coin to your Witcher
Oh valley of plenty
Oh valley of plenty
Toss a coin to your Witcher
Oh valley of plenty
Oh valley of plenty
Toss a coin to your Witcher
Oh valley of plenty
Oh valley of plenty
Toss a ...🎶

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Who knows a warm-hearted, powerful and affluent company that could donate a few used laptops to our students? 🦾💪🙏 💝

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It is even greater than you think. It's a grandma and her grandsons. The kids were trying to prank her and she one-upped them.

Big articulated fingers by Gary Fay Creations.

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I bought this Sheffield-made pewter tankard. It was quite cheap and is really awesome and extremely sturdy! I’ll drink everything from this from now on.

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I was talking with a friend who works and travels with drones.

Since his equipment costs tens of thousands of dollars it’s at high risk of being stolen at the airport during checked luggage handling.

The drone industry’s travel safety hack?

Throw a gun in with your drone.

I gave a clouded leopard a Christmas tree and this is what happened 😍

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"What'll you give me for this?" he said, handing her a photograph.

"Eh. Not much. Couple nouns, maybe an adjective," she said.

"What? But a picture is worth a thousand words!"

"Sure, from the discount bin. Knock yourself out."

He scowled as he dug through the heap of adverbs.

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The island was made of volcanic rock. Once fluid, glowing red and hot, making its way up the vast oceans, both destruction and creation at the same time. 🌋

We released another photo on Unsplash:

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DM: You find a large beast


DM: know what, go ahead and roll for it.

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Is there a tool where I can upload a bunch of JavaScript and it will tell me the browser support of that code? At least with regards to methods used, syntax, etc.

RT Finally back to right now on:

Frist time palying with the Artic DLC - my goal is to build a huge artic ring. In my tropical zoo. Jep, setting myself up for failure!

Come hang out and give me tips!

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I'm not one to nitpick.

Hold up.

This figure is totally wrong!

As a banana aficionado and ex-container ship bod, I think I may comment.

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