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With a new expansion released, the Magic League dives into the new meta with three fresh rounds of matches and new decks for the contestants.

FML Season 1, Split B: The Decks

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Thanks to at CompuTrade Aps as well as for coming through with some computer donations for our students! 💖

-Trump ist freigesprochen

-in Thüringen darf die AfD mitspielen

-Johnson greift die BBC an und stellt ihre Finanzierung in Frage

-Libertäre (Rechte die einen Taschenrechner bedienen können) jubilieren und sehen in allem ein Sieg der Demokratie.

Manchmal könnt ich kotzen.

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So Google and Twitter are protecting their data (it’s not your data) from a competitor and Facebook will likely follow suit.

Now ask yourselves: what are Google, Twitter, and Facebook doing with your photos (and all the other data they own about you?)

Und es ist auch noch die Höcke-AfD. Ausgewiesene Faschisten und Antidemokraten.

Höcke, der Mann, der die Gedenkstätte Buchenwald nur besucht, um Ärger zu machen.

Wer seine Regierung auf diese Räuberbande stützt, kann nicht behaupten, er habe von nichts gewusst.

Hvem (ud over mig) har søgt indsigt efter GDPR artikel 15 i "signaleringsdata" - og ved hvilket selskab?

Tilsyneladende må man ikke vide hvad data *teleselskabet* gemmer om en af hensyn til *politiets* efterforskning.

My boyfriend has no mental illness and it's the weirdest shit. You know what he does when he's tired? Goes to bed. When he's hungry? Eats a snack. When he's drunk? Stops drinking. I don't get it.

Ein Bild das unser Land verändert. Ihr solltet euch schämen, und

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Mit den Stimmen der AfD würde ich mich nicht mal zum König der Welt wählen lassen. Aber muss jeder selbst wissen.

Jeg har det sidste stykke tid forbedret min pendler webapp med hjælp fra masser af god feedback

🚀Understøtter mere end 20 byer
⚡Se pendlertid for kørsel i bil
💯Få et pendlerkort for lige netop der hvor du pendler til/fra

Every once in a while I get so intensely consumed by imposter syndrome that I lose nights of sleep and spiral into existential crisis mode.

Then someone outside my work bubble asks me a question about my industry and I realize that I know way more than I give myself credit for.

I ordered 4 plants

I now have 12 plants

Is this a normal amount of plants

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords doesn't look so bad now

caught tracking users with Chrome browser ID that's unique per computer installation! As you browse with Chrome, this ID is transmitted across Google products, like YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Android

That's it. Google has to go completely!! 🔪

Things I wish I had focused more when I first learned to code and maybe you should too 🤷🏾‍♀️: A 🧵

1. using git for EVERY PROJECT. Just learn the basics. Push, pull, branches, clone etc. It won't take long to learn the basics if you do them consistently.

A coyote and a badger use a culvert as a wildlife crossing to pass under a busy California highway together. Coyotes and badgers are known to hunt together.

🎥Peninsula Open Space Trust

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