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Everyone working remotely:

ZOOM monitors the activity on your computer and collects data on the programs running and captures which window you have focus on.

If you manage the calls, you can monitor what programs users on the call are running as well. It's fucked up.

This little one fell asleep, nestled against its two siblings still in their eggs. It's peeping quiet, sleepy encouragement back to them when they call.

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Going live for a spontaneous chill Sunday stream on Https:// and I rampaging Reaper's Coast in . Crack open that beer and come hang out!

"KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" wasn't even USED as a poster during the war because all the focus groups thought it was PATRONISING AND SINISTER, ffs, if you're going to make mad Second World War nostalgia porn at least be ACCURATE

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Like most people, we're practicing our introvert skills at the moment and staying inside. In the meantime, we'll dig out some photos of the archives to remind everyone, how the outsides look! 😁

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Amanda: ASH! What are you doing with that knife?
Ash: I must hide it under the cushions. And then the Knife Fairy will come and find it and she will take it away to her castle made of knives.
Me: That's really good. I think I may use it.

Nicht nur in Venedig erobert die Natur ihre Lebensräume zurück. Heute Morgen wurden in Berlin die ersten Spreedelfine seit über 80 Jahren gesichtet. 🐬💙

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Day 8 of . Cheering up my co-workers during the all-company morning video call.

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Dear whoever named the JavaScript array methods slice and splice where the latter mutates the original array and the former does not...

Could you *really* not have named them a bit more distinctly? Really?



RT @_halefa_ "Nothing can go wrong!" => Almost instantly death.
"Things could be worse!" => Instantly dead.

You should teething your outlook on life. It doesn't seem ... accurate.

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Situations like this are why every respectable gamer has at least three 60+ hours RPGs stashed away unplayed. We were born for voluntary house arrest.

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And NEVER give a number when asked your current salary.

Say "I'd rather wait until we decide this is a mutual fit." or "If you provide a range I'll tell you whether this is inline with what I expect."

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A charming young wombat approaches you...
You start to feel slightly better about things.

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