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☕️ Years of hard work pay off. Finally we could afford branded mugs 💫 Badr approved ✅

RT @wa7son
What's the deal with company lawyers wanting a huge license comment in the top of all source files instead of just a LICENSE file in the root?

Am I missing some obvious legal attack vector they want to protect our open-source software from?

RT @foxfeather
2 minute meditation for today:
Baby emus at the watering hole, enjoying their first baths.
Bonus: playful muddy puppy and adult emu-mop painting the house with mud

RT @_halefa_
Today, I had my very own @vivadirt -quicksave-moment.

I had just joked about being incompetent enough to fall off a building without any help when I realized I was about to do exactly that.

My brain thought the solution was to quicksave the second before falling...

RT @0xfraq
"this is never meant for prod" is like the express lane for going to prod

RT @foxfeather
Very important reminder: it's hard out there. Keep an emu for each pocket

RT @_halefa_
My feeling for time is completely warped.

Stuff that happened in February feels pretty close cause I only have two measurements: before and during lockdown.

Then I realize it's mid-May and how long the lockdown has been and everything feels faaaar away.

Me: How do you make him take his arm up like that?
Halefa: Oh, I just walk him into the fire
Me: ...
RT @_halefa_
Upgraded cat gear is actually worth it - Geralt looks much hotter now!

RT @vikerman
Your project is not open source if only your company is allowed to merge changes and create a release.

RT @deerlordhunter
Other than "roll for initiative..." what is one of the most dreaded phrases you've heard from your DM?

Today i heard the phrase "....The sharks *have* noticed your presence." :) A Delight.

RT @DothTheDoth
Everyday that I don’t live in an ancient castle with a horrifying backstory is a day lost

RT @foxfeather
It's very common for people to ask why birds' legs are 'backwards' or the 'knee' looks like an elbow - here's a great image showing the comparative anatomy! In many birds the upper leg/femur is hidden in their fluff so isn't very obvious.

RT @fabsh
Xiaomi, the fourth biggest smartphone maker in the world, makes phones that are quite cheap. It seems they recoup the money by violating their customers' privacy.

The Private Citizen 18: Xiaomi Brazenly Collects User Data on Their Phones

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