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Aber genau das wollte die Bundesregierung nicht gesetzlich regeln. Also dass sowas verboten ist.

Wonder why.

My snake is beautiful!
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Holiday feeling in space - brought to you by @jonathanmh_com!
(I'm the one in stalth mode. By comparison.)

Which song would blast through this anaconda, you think?


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Norwegen (und Litauen) stellen ihre (zentralen) Corona Apps aus Privatsphäre-Gründen ein. Wird nicht mehr lange dauern bis die EU komplett auf das dezentrale Modell umstellt:

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Please, someone tell me you also got motion sick when playing . Without VR. I don't even want to imagine how it must be with VR.

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I asked Simula - developers of Norway's centralized 'Smittestopp' app, which has been suspended- how many people it had warned against exposure risk. They responded with this link: which seems to be: zero. If so, it's only been used to track mobilty 🤯

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And this week, as part of the Steam Summer Festival, we'll be doing a rake of lil online events too! Join us at our Steam page most evenings this week @ 6pm CEST for chats, foley, quizzes & general shenanigans!

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Hallo liebe Podcastfreunde, aufgepasst! Ich bin der mit den vielen Podcasts und mache das jetzt seit gut 15 (!) Jahren. Manche davon dürftet ihr kennen, manche auch nicht. Also habe ich einfach mal einen Thread zusammengestellt, vielleicht ist ja was Neues dabei für Euch.

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hey, just reminding you to use “enslaved people” rather than “slaves”. this shift has been brought by historians. the idea is to shift from a perspective of “who they were” to “a condition that was enforced onto them”.

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Far over the Misty Mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day,
To seek our pale enchanted gold.

Played some @EliteDangerous bounty hunting with @_halefa_ today. A play in 3 acts:
1. What is Multi-crew?
2. Gunner role: NICE, GUNS! I don't have to fly!
3. Fighter Pilot role: AAAAAAAHH *inhale AAAAAAAH (dog jumps up and wants to calm down the human)

We got back home safe :)

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My Python is like a remora to @jonathanmh_com's Anaconda. So cute. 😄

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Work done, run done. Now a shower and then I’ll cook myself a nice shrimp curry. After that, I’ll probably hop on stream for some space trucking. Maybe come along for a chat? Will let you know when I’m preparing to go live.

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The message Zoom is sending is:

If you have money you can do shady stuff, just pay us. We wont tell. If you don't we have a cop built in.

People build software, the same ones who benefit from a system that opresses the poor, the only thing that changes is how it is implemented

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Das ist witzig, weil da so eine abgenudelte, konservative C-Promi-Flachpfeife den Club trollen will, in dem er Nazipropaganda retweetet und dabei nur offenbart, dass er das Thema nicht nur nicht verstanden hat sondern auch nicht verstehen möchte. CCC so: *plonk*.

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