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This was the first time in a long time that we just went out with our cameras. What about your hobby did you miss the past months?

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If you ever need a reason to not get into a comment-section debate, remember this as proof that it’s almost certainly a waste of time:

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Holiday means you can take a train into the city at midnight to walk in the summer rain any day of the week. ❤️

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“Det virker som en meget uklog ændring på et tidspunkt, hvor man som ministerium er blevet sagsøgt af borgerne for at krænke deres grundlæggende rettigheder allerede på baggrund af hidtidige logning.” - mon ikke det @ulovliglogning der tales om 🤔

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German and English words are usually pretty similar. Maus~mouse, Milch~milk, Wasser~water, sechs~six, Vater~father. But the German word for horse, "Pferd", is nothing like English. What happened? A thread. /1

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My boyfriend told me he was getting a Raspberry Pie delivered and boy oh BOY was I disappointed when it got here.

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Deleting Tiktok while having Riot Vanguard on the PC 👀

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i'm just a girl, standing in front of her adhd hyperfocus, asking it to latch onto something useful

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I'm now live on 🔴 🔴 with Day 2 of .

And we're going to a WEDDING -
- possessed by a horny ghost. 🤷
Because Shani is horny, too, and invited us. 🤦‍♀️

Cringe ahead!

RT @_halefa_
I'm live now on 🔴 🔴

We finished the main game , fought the big battle, killed the end boss. But that does not mean there will be no more Geralt!

Day 1 of ! 💪
Day 1 of playing with a controller! 🤞

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OFFICER: the victims were dismembered and sacrificed on an altar made of antlers

DETECTIVE: dear god

OFFICER: most likely yes

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get ready for every website to look like this in 1 month @stripe

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