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That'll stick to my brain. Nice!
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Quick tip for remembering the difference between splice and slice:

p for permanent

Splice mutates the original array, slice doesn't! So the operation is more permanent in splice!

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Calling people super spreaders is clearly victim blaming. These people are influenza influencers.

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I am now live with on ▶️◀️!!!

I am so excited! I don't even know what other thing to write here.


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Backdoors in encryption being labeled as "you cannot outlaw math" sounds catchy but misses the point. It's a key idea about law to regulate things in the natural world that might otherwise have problematic consequences.

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Programming in 1969: We're sending mankind to the moon!

Programming in 2020: I take business requirements and turn them into React code

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this is literally why plenty of clueless and arrogant dudes try to tell me my x/y/z vector tattoo is wrong and usually in a very passive aggressive way at that

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Die Methode „Exceptional Access“ des bald in der EU: WhatsApp oder Signal, die Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung benutzen, sollen verpflichtet werden, zusätzlich Generalschlüssel anzulegen und diese zu hinterlegen

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@discord your explicit content filter won’t let me send this picture of a pregnant dachshund because she has tits

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Who would have thought 2 men in their 70s could maintain an election for this long?

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People claim that's easier to do a Bob Ross tutorial the traditional way even if you have not hold abursh in your hand the past 15 years.

I guess I need to buy some canvas, brushes and paint for next time then ...🤷‍♀️

Thank you for an amazing & chill stream!

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Election result prediction:

Biden wins. Takes the stage. Rips face off.

oh no

He's been Trump all along.

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Just in case anyone needs it, here is a wombat drinking serenely

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Who's up for helping me out by reviewing a genuinely fair and even-handed blog post on 'Rust vs Go'? Looking for both experienced Rustaceans and Gophers to give me feedback, so I can come up with the most useful and balanced piece possible. DM me your email and I'll share.

Watch Dogs: Legion has a lot of very thoughtful bits on privacy in the future. Also the mechanics are fun and it looks pretty.

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