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Mom: can you fix my computer?

Me: *leaning back in my chair* well, well, well, if it isn’t Miss ‘Get Off That Computer’ Years 2004 to 2013

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Introduced to jakub różalski's paintings and this painting of the girl snitching on the knight is excellent !!!

RT @ebaehr

Jeg har udgivet et lille sideprojekt: Togplanen.

En enkel afgangstavle, der viser, hvornår de næste 10 tog kører fra stationen.

🚂 S-tog, regionaltog, lokalbane og letbane.
🕑 Live data fra Rejseplanen.
🚏Hyggeligt flapskilt design.

➔ Besøg

RT @alphachar
Myself & @martinpi are ready for a 2nd round of playtesting on VITRIOL!

After improvements from our 1st round, we’re hoping ~10 folks would enjoy a cosy word-puzzling experience over the holiday.

Into weirdness?
Got an iOS device & ~2 hours?
Sign up!

RT @fabsh
I'm having Night City withdrawal symptoms so after a long day of work, I'm now going live with some on Twitch. Join me!

Creep out with the creeps!
RT @_halefa_
On 25th December I'm going to play and stream community games like Among Us, Fall Guys,, Jackbox and Codenames.

If you want to get away from People™️ or miss to talk to someone because of distanced Christmas, come and play with us!

RT @gendrfuck
yesterday I overheard a little kid asking their mum why I was using a wheelchair, and the mum simply replied “well maybe his legs need a bit of extra help. you can ask him if he’s happy to tell you more.” no shaming the kid for asking, no treating disability as a hush hush topic

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I always awkwardly struggle to get to the end call button on video calls. So I made this

You underestimate our power. We can chain nouns without end to amount or any reason.
RT @fasterthanlime
~ non-american coworkers language sins ~

French: spaced punctuation, kinda rude
Spanish: run-on sentences
British: insists on using "colour"
German: routinely fuses 2-3 words together

RT @rachelnabors
If I made an online interactive storytellers club, would you come

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🎶 On the second day of giveaways Elgato gave to one winner... 🎶

🎁 Two Key Lights

To enter:
RT + Follow @elgato

Winner chosen tomorrow.

RT @elgato
🎶 On the first day of giveaways Elgato gave to one winner... 🎶

🎁 One Stream Deck XL

To enter:
RT + Follow @elgato

Winner chosen tomorrow.

RT @lucy_hunt
The best email signature I've ever seen:

"It is normal for me to take 2 days to read my emails and 2 more days to reflect on the matter and respond calmly. The culture of immediacy and the constant fragmentation of time are not very compatible with the kind of life I lead."

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😍 @HackyourfutureC is featured at @PROSADK ‘s December edition magazine 😊

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