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As promised: the complete Ballad of Bird Bro as a thread. Buckle up: it all started with an Instagram comment on an Effin’ Birds post.

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one time I:
- deleted NPM's production billing database
- caused an NPM outage with a chatbot that accepted regexen for email search (someone used a fun regex)
- caused a recurring DoS (every ~20th of the month) with a stripe billing migration
- turned the registry into a teapot

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Update: Die @CDU hat nach kurzer Rücksprache mit ihrer Streisand-PR-Beratung den Artikel wieder online gestellt und schiebt die Schuld am jetzt auf die SPD. Das ist... kreativ.

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Ups, da hat die @CDU mal eben ihr Wahlversprechen von ihrer Website gelöscht, dass es keine geben werde. Das Internet vergisst nicht.

Thi must be the canary phrase or something
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Getting really into Vegemite

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I saw how airplane control software is developed with my bare eyes. A line of change costed meetings over meetings, and going through compliances. Working in aerospace was my dream job but I thought I’d be happier just breaking HTTP servers 😊

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So, I have ADHD and I want to share something that happened. I recently did a shoot with a network. They didn't have a teleprompter and were feeding me lines verbally. They said it took me 2x as long to complete filming than other people have and were visibly disappointed. 1/

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Heißt das das das BKA jetzt remote Access via Emotet zu xxxxx Systemen hat?

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Lots of new followers lately so... Hello!
I'm Johan and I like and . Currently I'm making - a tiny modeller for tiny models.
If all goes well it should be out within a month or so.

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Hvis jeg gerne vil bestemme navnet (SSID) og koden til min nye fiber og Wi-Fi router, så skal jeg:

SKRIVE EN EMAIL (?!) til Fibia med "navn og password" og "password skal være på præcis 8 karakterer og det må kun bestå af tal og små/store bokstaver", for det er da smart! 🤯

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▶️ ◀️

Thanks to @fabsh
for the clip and cake_tray for the raid.
Now hosting @ConcreteDonkey who are still playing !

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I’m better at keeping SSH connections alive than house plants

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Google has announced that it is cutting off access to the Sync and "other Google Exclusive" APIs from all builds except Google Chrome. This will make the Fedora Chromium build significantly less functional (along with every other distro packaged Chromium).

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