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tell me you had no women involved in your design process without telling me you had no women involved in your design process

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die SPD baut wieder scheisse mit dem internet, habe ich gehört?
"wir wollen keine klarnamenspflicht, aber die plattformen müssen die user eindeutig identifizieren können"

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🌎 We asked you to send in your screenshots for a chance to win a Razer Blackshark v2 headset. We are excited to reveal that the winner of the competition is...CMDR Faramir!

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I've learned today that players in Valheim are noticing their boats missing or flying.

The truth - birds (like seagulls) are landing on boats and a bug accidently places the boat under bird control - which means the bird lands on a boat and flies away with it, stealing it.

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You ever look at an advert and go "they really went with that huh"

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My son informs me that Slack 'looks like a boomer discord'.

0.1+0.2 === 0.30000000000000004;
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Offend a JavaScript developer in one line of code.

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Find out more about weapons in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey with our latest Q&A post!


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Superfollows, oh boy. No offence lovely people, but not only would I never pay to see any of your tweets, I’d probably unfollow anyone trying to charge for their tweets because COME ON. Write a book! A newsletter! A webinar! Get crucial!!!

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Tech companies: You can bring your authentic self to work

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I just heard a whole new theory, so quickly help me out!

Star Wars is

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@jlengstorf Running mysterious commands from strangers on the internet, what could go wrong 🤔🤷‍♀️

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Facebook Announces Plan To Break Up U.S. Government Before It Becomes Too Powerful

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@Casper_O @kramse @ulovliglogning Han sagde helt præcist at der ikke vil være nogen sanktioner hvis de stopper. Men efter at have fået et uklart brev fra Hækkerup om at det "nok er lovligt" (uden garantier) at fortsætte frivilligt med , har teleselskaberne valgt at gøre det.😡

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