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Diagram to clarify that "Auditory Sensitivity" isn't just 1 thing.

The left 2 boxes are (anecdotally) very common in a lot of autistic people. Right boxes: Hyperacusis is likely prevalent in 50-60% of autistic adults & I'm not sure about misophonia prevalence, could be similar.

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Hello everyone,

We are trying a new form of live coding help in my discord called Office Hours where volunteers dedicated some time to sit in a voice chat and help you with something live.

Some are also willing to help review resumes and other career related things.

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It's official.
Banned on Twitch.

Been streaming on this website for 10 years
Partner for 7

My emotes.

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🎁Giveaway Time!🎁

For every 100 RT this post gets we are giving away a game + the brand new 'The Beast Hunter' DLC keys! 😎

To enter make sure to follow our Twitter page, RT the post and tag a friend in the comments below! 👇

Winners will be selected next week!

Pretty genius to live stream your live performance in public. Respecting the hustle 😎

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The third episode of my podcast with @jonathanmh_com has just been released. We talk about the health benefits of video games, new features in Escape from Tarkov and nudity in German spas.

Escape the Talk Show 3: A Shower, Not a Grower

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Nade skills? On point tonight! Just @jonathanmh_com was in the way, the bastard...

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remember years ago when this popped up, and the students involved were like “oh it’s just a prototype”? STOP PROTOTYPING SHITTY FUTURES

Next thing twitter will slap the covid-19 info badge on that tweet! 😆
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Google is threatening to delete one of my podcast episodes because, they claim, I am spreading "medical misinformation" on COVID-19. This is ludicrous and easily disproved by actually LISTENING to the episode in question. I will fight this tooth and nail.

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Today we are live directly from the Space Championships in Orbital Landing.

Hosts @jonathanmh_com and @fabsh lead you through the matches making sure you are provided with necessary commentary and informaton!

▶️ ◀️

I'm the best team mate, always ready to lift people up!
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Have you considered playing but are too afraid to get started? 😉

Don't worry, I have the ultimate tip for you, that will help you through the steep learning curve of the game - guaranteed! 🤯

Turn 👏 on 👏 your 👏 engine!


I've tried this for days now and when the Fab comes along, spot, POP, look, yeeeeet!
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So @jonathanmh_com and me are drunk AF and he decides to go kill Killa for the first time... Well, waddaya know... he just does. Blam. Dead. Amazing shit. I was just along for the ride. His camera man.

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