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Apple has won enormous amounts of goodwill by declaring that privacy is a human right, and is about to destroy all of it at once by building a technology to have your phone scan your pictures and turn you over to law enforcement if they’re the wrong sort of pictures. 1/

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"What about this?... Does it spark joy?"

Me: "It's a production server, we need it."

"Yes but, does it /spark joy/?"

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Dear Young Adults,

You can leave.

If you don’t like your doctor, walk out in the middle of your appointment.

Leave the party. End the date. Don’t wait until the “polite” time to leave or endure because you think you’ll make a scene.

You can go.

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Always be sure to provide ample parking when presenting a google doc

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I just got a copyright claim for *TYPING ON MY KEYBOARD*

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I'm going back to Tarkov with @jonathanmh_com after three weeks away from the computer... What could possibly go wrong???

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2011: KatWarn-App kommt raus. Kosten: ein paar Millionen. IT-Experten: wir sollten Cell Broadcast machen, damit erreichen wir alle.
2015: NINA-Warn-App kommt raus. Kosten: 20 Millionen. IT-Experten: wir sollten Cell Broadcast machen, ist billiger.

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I used to think I was an introvert. Turns out I was actually just really bad at other people!

Oh that sounds like an announcement post for two tutorials!
Part 1: How to STREAMDECK like 'Lefa
Part 2: How to backup your streamdeck settings (unlike 'Lefa)
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I just accidentally deleted my Streamdeck profile with ALL the things and shortcuts and macros that I gathered. Do I have a backup? No.

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On Sunday, from 8am UTC, I will be streaming for TWELVE FUCKING HOURS! 🤪(No, I've never done that before.)

I have done some research on games with a particularly summery vibe, so get your shades and sunscreen out, it's going to be hot! 🍹🏖️

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