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What the fuck did I just see? "Secure GPS smartwatch for your child"

One could think he did it on purpose, report for toxic behavior!!!
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People playing know that you never shoot close to your companions without announcing yourself.

@jonathanmh_com should know this, even if we play another game like .

Alas. 🤷‍♀️

▶️ ◀️

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If you're wondering whether @Disney have stepped up and paid the royalties they owe to to authors, illustrators & comics artists for books & GNs they have published or relicensed, the answer's NO. (They've paid a few high-profile authors.)

I'm in a video!
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I've barely played any platformers in my live, but on Friday I had to try out the first person action hack and slash platformer .

You want to know how I felt?
How fast I was?
How often I died?

The answers are all here:

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Escape the Talk Show 6 is out! @jonathanmh_com and myself talk about , Afghanistan and COVID conspiracy theories. Also, I get killed by God Himself. Have a listen, it's fun!

Escape the Talk Show 6: Wrath of God

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When @jonathanmh_com and I play games together, our different personalities really come through!

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