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The winter holidays are approaching! On December 23, in honor of the upcoming year 2022, we are offering a 25% festive discount on all types of pre-order packages or upgrades, as well as on the entire range of merchandise from our official store!

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This chart is the best rationale for that I’ve seen.

There are 12 people, only 2 are deaf/blind.

Accessibility is about creating a highly usable product.

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Danish intelligence services have informed editors of the two largest news publishers that they can be charged with espionage if they report classified information. The threat is likely related to Denmark's secret cooperation with the . (in Danish)

1682 raids this wipe and we got that Kappa container. Some streams were spent just hunting down that rarity of the @WillerZ4 wallet :D

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We remain forever obsessed with this image of a woman terrifying the devil himself with her pussy but did you know there's context? Who wants to hear the context for why the devil is so frightened by a vulva?

Me, every day, trying to please my teammates.
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me: i can do this with pure functions
my brain: i am too small

My taste in music is apparently SO OBSCURE to my partner that they loudly alerted me to, that they found somebody else who listens to an artist I like. Like... One person.

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