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Cows didn't give a shit about drones, they just kept grazing 🤷
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Wet had wet feed,
We had cold hands,
But we had zero fucks to give
Cause this place was awesome! 😍

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In December, @jonathanmh_com, @ADotKoeh and I went on holiday on Madeira. We're all photographers by heart, so we came home with lots of photos.

We slowly started assembling the photos on our blog for @GegenWind_Photo - please check it out!

A vlog is to come as well!

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Breaking now on the @Reuters wire: Authentication services company @okta says it is investigating a report of a digital breach.

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Another fun tutorial for the pesky cultists! What does Skier want with their knives? 🔪🔪🔪
Special thanks to @fabsh and @_halefa_!

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Playing some Tarky with @_halefa_ and @jonathanmh_com again tonight. Shoot pixels, not people!

This is crazy to me, I bought needles for weird (ink and paper and syringe) photoshoots in pharmacies in Denmark as a 15 year old, no questions asked.
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1/ I have to inject myself with B12 once a month. This is a thread about what happens every single month when I ask the pharmacist for a needle. Spoiler warning: this is really a thread about how stigma against people who inject drugs costs lives.

This is a very good blog post. Mostly because it has my face in it. 😎🤷‍♂️
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Inspired by @fevvies I looked at reactive images as an easy alternative to webcams for times when I stream with others or have a bad hair day.

I found a genius plugin for OBS and solution for Discord:

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Squad Leader Lefa, leading us into the Abyss of the night factory in with @_halefa_ and @fabsh . We had a blast! 🤯

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It's always beautiful to watch somebody absolute lose their mind about PVP encounters!

Featuring: @_halefa_ @fabsh

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Anyways, if you want to find an alternative to or Streamlabs' or are just looking for a new awesome bot - I hereby declare my love for Firebot publicly.

We're in a head to head race to 1000 followers on twitch, make sure to cast your vote! 🤘

* 👍😎
* 👎🤮@_halefa_

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We will be raiding with @_halefa_ and @fabsh tonight! A little challenge has been prepared!

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Wie weltfremd das Vorgehen der Musikindustrie gegen youtube-dl ist, zeigen Statements von @rezomusik und @HateAid in unserer Klageerwiderung, die Ihr hier nachlesen könnt. Videodownloads sind essentiell für Zitate, Beweissicherung und vieles mehr.

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A lot of people try to make sense of the current crisis with maps, so why don't we talk a bit about why the approach of the majority of media in this regard is not the best. And why it might actually (inadvertently) represent the way Putin wants us to think. (Source: Guardian) 1/

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Spent the last few days emailing thousands of academics in Russia. Today, I'm publishing one of the replies I've gotten as a blog post (in English and in Russian, with the author's permission). Please read it to understand what's going on inside Russia.

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