I'm so ready to get off the twitter dumpster fire! Will browse around for interesting folks to follow, but any recommendations for:

- biology/computational biology
- fermenting/beer brewing
- STEM education

would be appreciated!

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Hi, welcome! 👋

One good way to find people is to browse relevant hashtags on major instances. For example, looking for the hashtag brewing on has a number of interesting accounts:

Just swap the word "brewing" for whatever you want to look for.

There's also Trunk which lists people who have opted into the directory. It's manually maintained so some of these may be out of date, but it can be a good starting point:


do searches on those domains to see users on them, find interesting & active ones, work outward from there?

@kescobo I don't follow anybody with those interests, but welcome to Mastodon, :-) I'm realizing that Twitter isn't what I was wanting. I miss the days when I was younger and you could join forums or message boards full of like minded people and have real conversations. Twitter feels more like standing in the middle of a stadium with a million other people and talking to yourself in the hopes that somebody in there will decide to engage with you.

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